As shared by Oseni Qasim Olusegun (JQ):

I just got tossed away by the Nigerian police, I was coming back from a friends introduction, got to the front of my estate at cemetery waec office along igbogbo road by 11:00pm 25 NOV 2023, me and my friend was stopped by the Nigerian police and our car was searched and nothing was found.

Immediately they told us to come down so they could search well, when they found nothing, they saw my friends tattoo and immediately called us a cultist, we was still trying to tell them cultist as how. I was slapped and told to seat at the back seat of my car, two @PoliceNG office join at the back seat.

They turn around and started driving towards ogolonto my friend was thrown inside their bus, they drive us to way bridge along mile 12 all the way from ebute ikorodu, stopped there and threatened to shoot me, I was handcuffed they slapped me multiple times

My phone was unlocked with my Face ID, the officer with my phone went straight to my banking apps opened piggy Vest made me withdraw 1.5m to my fcmb account it didn’t work many times cause of network issues , we kept trying multiple times with different OTP till it was successfully transferred to my fcmb

After it was transferred to Fcmb acct from piggy vest, they tried transferring 1M from my fcmb it didn’t go through cause of daily limit so they result to me making the transactions little by little.

cause they said they will take all the money in my Fcmb acct so I made a transfer of 200k 100k , 50k , 20k with Ussd code , then 20k from my PalmPay.

Total of 390k was withdrawn from my acct to these moniepoint 8274433925 mummy T ventures , they tried to withdraw all 1.5m from fcmb thank god Otp was not sent to my number due to network I guess, so they carted away with 390k.

I could not make any video or sort cause they was with our phones but I recognize their faces they are from ipakodo police they said, I’m still traumatized please I need my money it’s supposed to be added to my rent moneyJQ

Police React

Lagos Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin reacted:
“Send your phone number via DM.”



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