Many who heard the story of 43-year-old Gafar Hamza, who had allegedly been having sex with his 20-year-old daughter, Barakat (not real name), wondered what could make a man to choose his own blood for sexual pleasure. But the reality is that not only had he been allegedly sleeping with the young lady, she is currently carrying about four-month-old pregnancy for her father.

Crime Reports learnt that Hamza, a night guard, was arrested by the Oyo State Police Command in June when a neighbour (names withheld) revealed his deeds to the police after he and his wife discovered that Barakat was pregnant and she claimed that her father was allegedly the owner. It was learnt that the father of two separated from his wife about 15 years ago when his second child, a male, was barely a year old.

Crime Reports learnt that Hamza’s children went to live with their paternal grandparents in Offa, Kwara State, years after their parents got separated. But Hamza’s neighbour reportedly went to Offa to plead with his mother to release the children to their father so that he could have someone to take care of house chores for him.

According to a source, who craved anonymity, the children’s grandmother was reluctant in releasing them, owing to what she perceived as irresponsibility on her son’s part, but agreed to the request after five days and assurance by the neighbour that the children would be staying with his family.

This arrangement was said to have held for a short period before the suspect complained that his neighbour’s wife was over-pampering his children in a way that would not help them in being skilled in performing house chores.

This led to the girl going to her father’s house every morning to help him out, but in the process, he started having sex with her. It was the frequent sex that eventually led to the girl being pregnant, Crime Reports was told.

It was further gathered that the suspect’s 16-year-old son allegedly caught his father in sex act with his sister twice and, angry at what he perceived as intrusion, the man became hostile to the teenager.

The hostility was so much and obvious that the neighbour was said to have noticed it. When he asked the boy what went wrong between him and his father, he opened up on what he saw his father doing to his sister.

The revelation reportedly made the neighbour’s wife to observe Barakat, only to notice that she had the symptoms of a pregnant lady. The pregnancy was later confirmed.

During interrogation at the police station, a police source told Crime Reports that the lady disclosed that her father was doing ‘it’ with her before she left with her brother for their grandparents’ place in Offa, and had continued on her return.

She further revealed that her father always demanded to know when she was menstruating and strictly warned her against having a boyfriend.

As of July, the pregnancy was three months old, according to medical tests carried out.

In an interview with Hamza who lives at Aroro Makinde in Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, though an indigene of Offa, Kwara State, he admitted sleeping with his daughter but said he was not sure Barakat did not have a boyfriend who was doing the same thing he was doing to her.

“It is true that I slept with my daughter, but I started with her when she returned to my house in February this year. I think it was diabolic attack from my enemies who do not want my progress in film making that made me do the abominable. I believe it was the devil at work.

“The mother of the children left me about 15 years ago and had remarried. I did not stop her from taking her children with her. I also went into several relationships which failed because the women always left me after taking money from me,” he said.

The suspect confessed to have had sex with his daughter four times, saying that he did not know when he penetrated her as he came to himself after the action.

“She came in to greet me one morning and the next thing was that I saw her getting up beside me,” he further said.

But the man said he was not sure that he is the owner of his daughter’s pregnancy, though he confessed to have ejaculated into her during sex sessions. The reason he gave for his doubt was that he believed that she would have a boyfriend.

When Crime Reports pointed it out to him that he was alleged to have warned his daughter against having a relationship with the opposite sex, and that he also monitored her menstrual cycle, Hamza said he became aware of her monthly cycle when the girl returned to her and was having her periods twice in a month.

“Some women noticed that she was getting lean and she told me what she was going through so I took care of her with herbs and her cycle became normal again. After that, she would tell me ‘Daddy, I am menstruating.’ I didn’t tell her not to have boyfriends; I only asked her to be careful in choosing a lover.”

He said he got to know of her pregnant state through his neighbour. When asked whether he would prefer his daughter’s pregnancy to be aborted or left to be delivered, he said “anyone who aborts is a murderer. She should deliver the pregnancy so that people would know that I am not likely to be the father of the baby. And if I happen to be the father, proper punishment should be meted out to me.”

When further probed to know if he saw any other man with his daughter, the suspect simply responded: “One cannot monitor a woman strictly.” He denied being the one who deflowered his daughter, but confessed that his son caught him in sexual act with his daughter twice.

“The first time, I was on top of her and the door was not locked. My son came in and saw us. He greeted me and asked for money for his breakfast. My daughter and I were Unclad. I had already withdrawn from my daughter when he caught us the second time,” he stated.

He denied developing hatred for the boy afterwards, saying he only disciplined him because he was not good academically.

He said his 16-year-old son is still in primary 4, adding that his inability to adequately cater for his children was a result of the death of his two sisters who were helping him in that aspect.

He described his daughter as a dull girl whom he started training after she returned to him. He also confessed to being on drugs, saying “I have been taking marijuana and alcohol for about 15 years. I was taking hemp to keep awake because of my job and the alcoholic drink to keep pneumonia away because of exposure to cold weather in the night.”

Crime Reports learnt that the case which was initially reported at Ojoo police station was transferred to the State Criminal investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) for further investigation.

On enquiry, it was gathered that the suspect was charged in Court 1 in July and was remanded in police custody by the magistrate. The case has been adjourned till August 29.

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