Arewa Female Rappers
Rapping is a popular form of music in Arewa, but it is not very common for females to rap. Most of the hip-hop artists in the region are males, such as DJ AB, Morell, Classiq, Deezell, and others. However, there are some Arewa female rappers who have made their mark in the northern Nigerian hip-hop scene. Here are some of them:

Haddy Rappia

Haddy Rappia is a female rapper from Kaduna who started rapping at the age of 17. Her real name is Hadiza Ya’u and she specializes in the hip-hop genre of ‘Gambara’, which is similar to street rap or diss tracks. She has released several songs, such as ‘No Be Like You’, ‘Bounce’, and ‘Dey Dey’. She is also known for her collaborations with other artists, such as DJ Cee, Zlatan, and Naira Marley.

Princess Mufeedah
One of the best Arewa female rappers from Nigeria who has made a name for herself is Princess Mufeedah. She was born in Maiduguri but moved to Abuja when she was young. She studied at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and started rapping when she was 16. Mufeedah won the CAFE award for the most promising Arewa female hip-hop artist in 2016/17.

Princess Mufeedah is known for her fast and witty lyrics, as well as her catchy beats and melodies. Some of her popular songs are ‘Sixteen’, ‘Hot Spot’, ‘Leg Chain’, ‘Ruwan Jiki’, ‘Ji Mana’, and ‘Baza Freestyle’. Mufeedah also sings in English, which is rare among Nigerian rappers. Her biggest influence is Nicki Minaj, whom she admires for her style and skills.

Princess Mufeedah is not only a rapper but also an actress. She played the role of Salma in the hit series Kwana Casa’in, which aired on Arewa 24. The series is a comedy-drama that follows the lives of four friends who live together in Abuja.

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