Fatoyinbo in his N30mil Porsche

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo the head of the COZA church in Abuja is an interesting man. He does many things to impress but also do some just because of who he is. And one of these is his knack for flamboyance. Anything he does. Fatoyinbo goes for the best and at times the loudest. It doesn’t really matter what people says or the opinion created by his loud outlook.
For instance, while he used the This Day Dome for the services of the church every Sunday, the church was believed to have blown hundreds of millions every year on the rent, but that did not dissuade him. He wanted the place because it was thw most centrally placed hall in the city that could contain his crowd and befits the quality of people he invited to minister.
At a time when Pastors would quietly mark their birthdays by giving back to society, the COZA presiding pastor flew church members and some top pastors around the world to Dubai for his birthday. Quality time was spent on the hired yacht with good food and drinks to boot. Again, here, money didn’t really matter. What mattered was what he wanted. The impression people would have didn’t matter either. After all, he was spending his money.
To say that the Kwara State born pastor is a power dresser is an understatement. He likes to make a statement with the way he looks. And this also reflects on the way the workers who work with him.also look. Take a look at the dresses of the members of the protocol department of his offices you would think they were air hostesses and pilots in a plane.
Among all the pastors in the city of Abuja,you cannot deny the fact that Pastor Fatoyinbo has been the leader when it comes to bringing in any gospel minister, motivational speaker that is making waves. Whenever the minister is. Fatoyinbo will seek him out ans invite him or her to his Church, no.matter the costs. images-153
Another thing many people may not know about this man of God is the fact that he has always been a flamboyant person. Even back home in Kwara State, before he gave his life to Christ and was called to be a minister of the. gospel he lived a very flamboyant lifestyle which has made many people who knew him before now to raise issues about whether or not he is truly a man of God. But the ways of God are not that of man as He does not look at the outward appearance buy the inside and your yearnings for him.
Curiously it was in the same Kwara State that his ministry took off and today a branch of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly is located there as well as in Lagos.
Again not many people would know that Pastor Fatoyinbo is indeed very close to the popular American pastor and speaker Mike Murdoch. indeed. if there was a place Murdoch considered as a second home ok n Africa, it was COZA. No wonder he was said to have given a Rolls Royce to Fatoyinbo about two years ago to mark his birthday.Unlike

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