Omosede igbinedion- is a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives Representing the Ovie 1 Federal Constituency. She is pretty and she is believed to be enlightened enough to hold a phone at least.

Since the inauguration of the National Assembly about a year ago, Omosede has not uttered a single word on the floor of the House. Even when issues relating to her state come under issues of national importance, she is always too busy or too disinterested to act.omosede

This became most obvious a couple of days back when Omosede’s constituency lost its paramount ruler, the Oba of Benin, who we gathered is like her father in law. Her co- rep member representing the second Ovie Constituency not only sponsored a motion but also dressed to reflect the mood of the Edo people, especially the Binis.

But not Omosede. She seemed to have signed a contract to play Candy crush, a game on the android and it is obvious that this is what she comes to the chamber to do on each day of House sitting. She does nothing other than play the game, oblivious of the fact that her seat is located right in front of the area of the gallery where the media people sits at every sitting of the House of Representatives. And they easily see what she is doing  without any stress.

If she does not change, Edo state by 2019 would have produced one the worst Representative members in this dispensation whose only attribute to being in the House was being someone’s daughter. According to an observer, it is even good enough to stay off the House sittings and be busy doing something else than come there, pretend you are there whereas you are busy playing games on your phone and eating bubble gum. Lest we forget, Omosede Igbinedion is the youngest member of the present House of Representatives.

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