MAMMAN DAURA AND BUHARI EVEN AT 10 DOWNING STREETEverybody close to the seat of Nigerian government, Aso Rock today would tell you that the old man, Mamman Daura is perhaps the most influential Nigerian today who as many times as possible,  can tell the President this is the best approach and the latter would listen.

Alhaji Mamman Daura is the president’s nephew. He  was alleged to have relocated to the presidential Villa with the President since he moved in there and he resides there permanently, unlike other influential people around the president, according to our source. Indeed, some of those who are in the know have disclosed that Daura is so influential that at times, he overrides even Buhari’s wife on issues which ordinarily have been her own area of purview thus making the woman angry and very uncomfortable any time she sees him around her husband.

When weeks back stories filtered out that the wife of the President was feeling down over some northern hawks hijacking her husband and making it difficult for him to perform up to his promises to the people during the campaign, fingers were pointed in the direction of Daura as being the leader of the gang being referred to. According to a  source that works in the Villa, they are keeping Buhari away from his family. His wife, Aisha has been cut off. She no longer has a say or influence in most matters that directly affect the personal well being of her husband, the president.

What makes the issues more obvious was the fact that the president proceeded on a 13-day medical leave and none of his immediate family members went with him on the trip, not even his wife. That tells you how badly things have degenerated. Before now any time he wanted to travel indeed, on several occasions, there were pictures of his children accompanying him on trips abroad but things have since changed.

Some sources even swore that the  president is no longer in charge of himself and his government. Daura is now the one running the show”, that is how bad it can be.

It is widely known that Mamman Daura’s disagreements with some other members of the kitchen cabinet led to the serious delay in naming Buhari’s cabinet. The president is believed to trust him so much that if it were possible, he would hand over power to him and go to sleep knowing fully well that whatever Daura says or do would be what he himself would do.

Stories abound about how he had taken rides exclusively in the Presidential jet reserved only for the President and pictures also abound where he has been seen in places where ordinarily the President alone or some of his closest aides should be seen.

Northern lobbyists and caucuses who know Mamman Daura very well and who also know his relationship with Buhari have continued to shout over the development. The fact that Buhari himself needed someone in the mould of Idiagbon to stabilise his government has made things really bad and created a vacuum which Daura easily filled because he is a relation, a Fulani man as well as being a close confidant over time. Not a few appointments as well as key decisions that have shaped the government to date have been traced to him, and it remains to be seen who would break the mould around him and the President.

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