Millionaire Oil Baron, Rahmmaniyya Relocates Abroad…

rahamaniya 2For Rahamaniyya Oil boss, Abdulrahman Bello, these are not the best of times. We gathered that he has decide to relocate to Dubai the business capital of United Arab Emirates where he now live and from where he controls his multi-million Naira business empire. According to the story emanating from his Maitama hilltop residence, he now shuttles between Dubai and Nigeria as he has virtually carried the controls of his business empire into the country.

Abujareporters gathered that since he was attacked unknown men about two years back, the Rahmmaniyya boss has not been at peace in his palatial mansion which is valued at about 2 billion Naira. Unknown attackers had attacked the house and ransacked the place looking for him and he had to escape jumping over the high rise fence and wounding himself in the process. He was eventually taken abroad for treatment and since he returned he had not been able to find out who were the people behind the attack.

Some other sources have also pointed at his dwindling business fortunes. He was one of those who were alleged to be owing banks in money running into billions of Naira some years back. When the bank debtors’ list was published, while many went to court to clear their names he didn’t. Though there were insinuations that he was making moves to pay the money, sources however disclosed that he has not been and with the downturn in the nation’s economy, it was only a matter of time that the creditors would come knocking. And this, we gathered among other things informed his decision to spend more time out of Nigeria by staying in Dubai from where he takes care of his business.

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