Gubernatorial candidate of Advance Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) in Kano, Alhaji Muhammed Abacha is set to rebuild the state if elected in 2019, his campaign Director, Adamu Bubakar Babawo has said.

Speaking to Kano Chronicle, Babawo said of all the gubernatorial candidates of various political parties in the state, Abacha was the only candidate that had effective blueprint that would develop Kano in all ramifications.

“Take APC as the ruling party in the state, they are capitalist party.
Look at the way they sold their nomination forms. That is to tell you they are not for the poor,” he said, adding that the party had lost its sympathy in the state going by unfolding events.

“PDP on the other hand, has dictatorial tendencies. It is no longer democratic as party members were not allowed to choose candidates of their choice at the recent primary elections in the state. Only one person selected the candidates for them,” he stated.

Babawo alleged that, “PRP and other parties are just like child’s play. Those in the party today knew nothing about its ideologies and they have no concern with the ideologies. They are only desperate to clinch power,”.

The campaign director said the party had perfected its plan to conduct mega rallies in the state , adding that the party would pay attention to youth development and local governments would receive their full federal allocation in order to develop rural communities.

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