In what has been described as a Law of Karma, a mother of five, Mrs Patience Udoh who dumped her husband, Sampson Udoh to live with her lover, Udouk has equally suffered the same fate.

It was learnt that Patience has been dumped and her properties thrown out by the same Udouk, who has brought in another woman to replace her in his home in Shasha area of Lagos.

P.M.EXPRESS learnt that Udouk informed Patience that he was tired of living with her and asked her to leave the house to elsewhere or he will be forced to leave.

Patience, who thought Udouk may be joking, was shocked when he started throwing out his property and threatened to kill her if she dare enter their apartment.

Following her eviction, Patience went to the police at Shasha division to report and claimed that she had been sent out of the house she actually paid its rent.

Five years ago, Patience dumped her former husband of 14 years, Sampson when he had financial setback.

She abandoned both her husband and their children in their home in Ejigbo suburbs and moved to Udouk’s Shasha home where she now claimed to pay the rent.

It was gathered that out of frustration, Sampson was forced to relocate back to his village in Akwa Ibom State and since then, Patience had been living with Udouk until last week.

When our correspondent visited the residence, Patience’s property was still outside and some neighbours urged her to park and keep them somewhere pending the outcome of the police intervention.

At the Shasha police division where the matter was reported, the police confirmed report of such incident.

Meanwhile, the DPO was not around to comment, but police source said the police was looking into the matter and looking how best to resolve the matter.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that Patience is still interested in living with Udouk or in the alternative, suggested that he should rent another place for her.

Of all those conditions, Udouk had refused to yield to such demands.

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