In conclusion of our two -part interview with the General Overseer of the Faith Hill Prophetic Assembly, we bring you the second part of the interview we had with Bishop Emmanuel Jatau. The first part which we ran a few days ago showed how Buhari was God sent to clean the Nigerian Aegean stable after the nation had disappointed God by moving away from Him. It would be recalled that in the first part, he spoke on the Niger Delat and how the government would have to pound the place using jet fighters before we would have peace there. he also spoke on the politics of the two major political parties and how they would crumble before the middle of next year

In this second part, he speaks on what to do to curb the terrorism menace and also takes a look at what would become of the present and former leaders of the country. Exerpts.

How can Nigeria curb the wave of terrorism that is growing now? It is really threatening the country.

You have to know the dynamics of terrorism before you can solve them. There are eight to nine different types of terrorism. In Nigeria today, there are about eight different terrorist groups. It is just that we hear so much about the Boko Haram that is why they are most known. There are other terrorist groups in Nigeria.

Buhari will not fold his hands and allow this to continue. He will not stay there and watch them mess him up.. America will support him, Britain will also support him. Forget their talks about human rights. They will support him because they know what they are getting there too.  I see fighter jets invading the Niger Delta. They will give Nigeria drones and you know the way drones work. All you need to do is to input the  picture of the person you are targeting into the drone. You can hide under anything, but it will find you. There will be a near war situation in the Niger Delta. Terrorists can fight but they cannot sustain the intensity that is needed to defeat a sovereign nation. They cannot sustain such intensity. When they finish all they have at their disposal, they will recoil. The government will break them down. Meanwhile, I see Jonathan the  former President being arrested next year. I see him being arrested yes. He would be arrested and if care is not taken, he could lose his life in prison as his health could fail him while he is there.

Many of the sponsors of the Niger Delta militants would also be exposed and arrested.

What message do you have for Nigerians? You have always been a critic of the government of the day, but it seems that the tone of your voice has changed now.

Nigerians should be patient. Look at history, we complain with every government. It is not only the government that feels the crisis. We have to uphold the government through prayers. Do you know that people who curse the government who say a lot of bad things about the government are religious leaders like us?   Some of our problems are self – inflicted. In Cameroun, you cannot enter any hotel without your identity being known. Here, we don’t have national identity card. Over there, as you are entering, your personal data is captured and it is available for everyone of their security operatives to access Nigeria does not have such a national database.  Camerounians believe in community policing. No new person enters without everyone being aware that a new person has entered the community. If there is an incident, they trace it easily because they have their own network among the people of the underworld and this network ensures that they keep an eye on crime and criminals.  Every street has its own policeman who must know everyone on the street, where they work and have first hand information on all the people on that street.

We don’t have a forensic laboratory. How can we solve crime? We need a national data base and a forensic laboratory otherwise the police cannot do anything to curb crime. The type of security Cameroun has, Nigeria does not have. It is shameful and something has to be done about it.

What’s your opinion about the new to regulate preaching that Kaduna State Governor is trying to enact? Many church leaders have criticized it.

God bless him for bringing that law. And indeed I will be praying for him to succeed. Imagine, in Cameroun, you have to wait for three years to get your church registered before you can operate. You have to get a licence to operate as a church and you also have to get a licence as a preacher. In every church, there are security agents so that when you preach against the government or you incite the people, the government knows and you would be arrested. And people are preaching the word of God there.

Some years back,  there was this popular preacher in Jos. My pastor friends and I had a lot of quarrel over the messages this pastor preached. It was in the seventies and eighties. He was highly celebrated in Jos then. Do you know why he was celebrated? After quoting a verse in the Bible, he would start preaching against the Muslims, ‘ if a Muslim man slaps you, slap him back three times, if a Muslim man block your way on Friday, block his way on Sunday. They were celebrating and they loved him. Where is religious problem worse today in Nigeria? It is Jos. They were celebrating then.  Jesus said we should tolerate each other, I told them. I told them that this man would cause problems in the future. Not many people listened. When Muslims heard his preaching, they too started, ‘these are infidels, and they looked for one verse in the Quran to justify it. You dare not try that in Cameroun. This is a nation where during Sallah. Christians come around and felicitate with the Muslims and during Christian celebrations they also come around.

These things must be regulated. That is why I love what el Rufai is doing in Kaduna State. Forget about religious freedom. Church has become like okada. If you have money to buy machine, enter the road, that is all, no regulation at all. In UK and other countries where they have unfettered freedom,  do you have people who open churches and blare their messages on the public address system as e have it in Nigeria? Government should regulate churches, if my own is breaking the laws, close it down. Look at what is happening in Nigeria today. People will look for work and once they cannot get a job, they see opening of a church as the last resort.  They should regulate it. I support what el Rufai is doing and I will pray for him. You know that Kaduna is very volatile, Plateau is also volatile, so also is Nasarawa.

That brings me to an issue, the issue of the Gbagyi people who are the land owners here. If we are not careful, we will have terrorist Gbagyi on our hands soon. The government has collected the land belonging to the Gbagyi people who are the original owners of the land in Abuja and given the land to the big people here while the landowners are cramped in the shanties. If the issue is not properly handled it could breed a Gbagyi terrorist group because of the issue of land.

You mentioned Atiku coming to power as President—

Yes, is him becoming Nigeria’s president. It might not be immediately after Buhari in 2019, but I see him ruling Nigeria. Buhari would be a one-term President. He would not go for a second term. And whoever takes over from him would continue with what he is doing now.

How do you see the issue of Fulani herdsmen and the problems they have been creating all over the place? I remember years back when you warned that steps should be taken to prevent this problem.

I also remember. But we are not proactive here in Nigeria. Our government has to be proactive in everything they do. That is what is keeping other countries where things work and where such occurrences are prevented. There is therefore the need for the Nigerian government to be proactive and take actions before things deteriorate rather than wait till things have become bad before taking action.


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