He is perhaps one of the most fearless prophets around. He has had numerous encounters with people in authority in Abuja on account of his prophesies with many of them hating his guts even though many more respect and like him on account of his accurate prophesy. Years back, he predicted the death of former First lady, Stella Obasanjo, and it came to pass, same for Yar Adua’s demise and Jonathan losing his second election. In between, he also warned this writer, about seven years ago that he saw Fulani herdsmen taking over chunks of Benue territory and unleashing terror there if government did not act fast. It was reported in the papers, but we are living witness to it now.

In the course of all these, the Presidency around 2012 caused CAN in Abuja to write and warn him about the prophesies and that he should tone them down. This was shortly after he made some prophesies concerning Boko Haram attacks in Abuja which caused a lot of panic because the people knew that he would say it as he sees it. When he refused, an attempt was made on his life but he escaped after his car had been taken away by the assassins who disagreed among themselves after they got him. He predicted Buhari’s second coming and in December last year warned that PDP was dead and it was only a matter of time. Bishop Emmanuel Musa Jatau of the Faith Hill Prophetic Assembly is not your run of the mill prophet. Having spent the last six months looking for him to find out what were his views on the new government, we were taken aback when we got the news that he had gone to Cameroun to study for two Masters Degree, which he eventually completed a few weeks back.

During and after this interview, it was so obvious that his world view had been broadened by his new academic accomplishments especially on issues of internal security and terrorism which formed the focus of the two postgraduate degrees.

Bishop Jatau created time to speak with us on sundry issues relating to Nigeria, the Buhari regime and its predecessor as well as the politics of 2019 and why we should all see Buhari as God-sent at this time in the history of Nigeria. We bring you the first part of the interview. Excerpts.


You are a devout man of God but you also monitor closely the political affairs of Nigeria. What is your perception of the current situation in the country?


Thank you very much. I know we are going through turbulent times but God is in charge of the affairs of this country and I know that very soon , we shall recover just like Israel in the past, it will only take some time. I believe that God has an agenda for Africa and it has started in Nigeria. The first phase of God’s agenda started from Nigeria. The next phase would be Tanzania. Before you realise, the whole of Africa would be restored from the shackles of the past and the problems we are going through.

I look at what is happening now and I compare it to what happened during the period of Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible, when the children of God were given the mantle of leadership. It turned arund that they failed God. God was not too happy, a lot of corruption, inequalities, injustices were the order of the day, and Jerusalem failed, it failed completely.  They were weak leaders. While God sent them to go and lead his people they were busy doing everything to gratify themselves. And so Nebuchadnezzar came to conquer Jerusalem and deal with them.  sent away all the Jews from Jerusalem, exactly the same way it happened in North Eastern Nigeria,

The new overlords destroyed their temples since they were not Christians but their religion was Judaism. All the temples were destroyed, the same way churches are destroyed today in the North East. He took the lands of the people, God given lands just like it happened here. And God was not happy. The remnant few went on their knees to ask God why and to beg Him, telling Him that He should not forget His covenant and that He had promised earlier that the land would be theirs but now it was no longer theirs  and that made God to remember His covenant. But then, he searched round, to see if there was anyone that was still righteous in Israel that he could still use, but there was no one, no one in Israel who he could use. So he had to use a pagan God is not a Christian, God is not a Muslim, because the pagan had the quality God was looking for God picked him to now rebuild Jerusalem and gather the people back

Once the people turn their backs to God h afflicts them. Remember what happened to America in 911. They were far from God and God allowed the enemy to afflict them, I can tell you they are closer to God now than the pre-911 period.  When 911 happened many people here said it was good for them because they had forgotten about God. We forgot that we also had forgotten God. So in the case of the children of Israel, it was Cyrus a pagan that God used. God picked him, and used him as an instrument to bring His people back. Immediately he got to the throne, Cyrus decided to send to bring the children of that God that brought him to power. He brought them from all the ‘IDPs’ bases where they were kept and where they had ran to as a result of the crisis, and brought them back to Jerusalem. He then went and rebuilt all the churches that were destroyed using government money, after which he went on to try all the previous leaders who were corrupt and jailed them after recovering what they stole. A pagan did this for the children of God.

We have that Cyrus in Nigeria today o.

And he is Buhari. God has picked him to repair things that have been destroyed. Buhari has not come to leave any economic or political legacy. What he has come to leave as a legacy is sanity. In the next ten years, if they ask any government official to do what many have done now and they are being tried, they will think twice and ask questions before they do such. Buhari has come for sanity. He has come to ensure that there is sanity in the way the nation is governed. By  the way, by next year, between January and April, about nine to thirteen governors would betray him. A new party would spring up in January, and nine to thirteen governors would betray him.

APC would be broken and PDP would die, just like I told you in December last year that it was going to die. It would finally die. If care is not taken, I had a dream last week that Atiku became president, after Buhari. It might not be immediately after, but I see him as President. Before Buhari leaves there would be an attempted kind of coup. They will accuse PDP later of being the architect of the coup with aim that when they overthrow the money that had been recovered from its members would be returned to them. But the coup would fail.

From June this year to October, things would start changing. I can tell you that. Buhari didn’t promise miracle. He only promised change and change is gradual. I have never sat with him before so I am not saying this to please him or anybody. It is what I am seeing in the spirit realm. If Nigerians are patient from June this year, they would start seeing evidence. How it would happen I don’t know. But I know God who brought him and anointed him would lead him. so everyone has to be careful because if God has anointed someone and you are fighting the person, you are indirectly fighting God.


APC doesn’t seem to have any major crack now, but you say you see the party breaking?


Yes, between now and December there would be problems which they cannot resolve and the party would break. Even the big shots who were the foundation members, I see them going their different ways. This will happen from now till December, from January to April, I see a new party coming up.


You said Buhari will not leave an economic legacy, how then can he rebuild the nation without a sound economy


Yes I said so. The Bible says righteousness exalts a nation, and not the economy exalts a nation. Righteousness promotes a nation, and not economy. If al the countries of the world give Buhari money and there is no righteousness, it will come to nought, what is righteousness? It means moral accountability. It means integrity. If there is no righteousness, bring money and give it to Nigeria, the termites would still devour it. But if there is righteousness in the land, you would see that everybody would be afrai, they would do the right thing, the economy would pick up naturally. People that have stolen money now, they are afraid to bring back the money and the economy is stagnating. But when there is righteousness, they would feel free, and bring the money, not only them, investors would like to come and do business here. The economy would automatically pick up if there is righteousness in the land. That is the word of God. God created this world by His word and He has said only righteousness can promote the land and the Bible says something in the book of Isaiah, He says if God wants to judge a nation, he doesn’t look at the number of churches Bishops or pastors. He looks at the laws of the country. Is there righteousness, are the laws in favour of the rich? He loves the poor and He is their defender. He doesn’t like them to be oppressed.

Any nation that the laws favour the rich is not a righteous nation.

Buhari is not a messiah. He can be a deliverer. He is not a messiah. He is like Moses, he is not Jesus. There can be only one messiah.

I have seen Buhari in my dream several times. He is tired of the challenges he is facing an he is saying he wishes he could go now. But he cannot go now. He has to finish what he has started. And I can tell you that the next government after him would continue with what he is doing. Towards the end of his regime, I see crisis, serious crisis.


How do you see the militants’ attacks that has been occurring in the last couple of weeks. It is gradually crippling the economy.


Everything that has a beginning must have an end. Soon there will be divisions, serious divisions among themselves and they will expose the ones causing the trouble-governors, senators, former heads of state, traditional rulers, name them, everyone backing them would be named in the coming month of June.  Some militant leaders would die. And there would be calm. I see some of the villages in the Niger Delta coming under serious bombardment and even disappearing from the map. America and Britain will not talk because of what is involved. They fight for human rights but they will look the other way when this happens.

[ To be continued ]

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