Charles Oputa, Area father, Charly Boy, whichever one you call him, claims to be a changed person. We bring you an extract from an interview he granted Encomium Magazine a few days agocharly boy

Can you tell us about your encounter with Jesus?

My encounter with Jesus was the freakiest moment, and if you read the piece I wrote, it is just saying that God really wants us to be real but the Nigerian perception about Jesus and how it works is just too Nigerian for my liking. They look at Jesus/God as babalawo or the pastors make some sacrifices and bring some money and goats and all the problems will disappear. It doesn’t happen like that and these days people are not going to church to nurture their spirituality. Rather, it is either they are looking for babies, wife or husband or promotion. It is all about the wrong reasons for being a Christian.

So, God was just telling me that in most of these churches they don’t have anything to do with Christ or God. They are there for business. I was wondering what does Jesus want from me? Is it for me to intensify my campaign for the hopeless, the downtrodden, people who have been consumed by this wickedness in the country. There are a lot of nice people who are losing their niceties because they don’t know what else to do. They are just hopeless.

Hopelessness is hanging over their head. They are frustrated, confused and they want to stay good because they were born good but they are losing their goodness because of the battle of survival. Like a young lady, who has been brought up in a humble and decent home but because she is looking for a job that is not there and her parents cannot afford to take care of her anymore, she is industrious and nobody to help. Finally, she resorts to prostitution, whereas under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t go that direction but it is just out of desperation. So, those are the souls I am hoping to capture before they go completely bad. This is what the environment has turned out to be.

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