It was like a movie to me. I didn’t know what to do. I cried all through the night and continued for a month, thinking of what next to do. Satan tempted me to poison my husband and face my sister but the words of my father kept coming to my head. ‘She’s your younger sister, take care of her.’ It was hard for me to stomach such shame,” says Mrs Amaka Obiajulu, from Enugu State who had to battle her demons after her husband impregnated her only sister.PREGNANT

Amaka’s experience is no longer new in the country as many Nigerian women are losing grip of their marriages due to the activities of home breakers, who mask themselves under the smokescreen of housemaids and counsel seekers. In their overtures, they have metamorphosed into co-wives to the women they to come to serve and in some cases, destroying the homes of unsuspected women. Sometimes, the innocent women buy these misfortunes with their own money and goodwill. Amaka thought she was showing love and care to her younger and only sister, Chinyere Obiajulu, until Chineyere became her co-wife and the sisterly love grew sour.

Amaka’s husband, who is a lawyer, perhaps, picked on his sister-in-law for Amaka’s inability to conceive a baby after five years. She cried and wished she could wish it away but her husband’s heart was made up on marring both sisters.

Likewise Amaka, many other women, especially the working ones are busy making money at the expense of their homes. A number of them are losing husbands to their sisters, cousins, friends and housemaids.

This development has made some ‘wise’ women to avoid any form of housemaids or even allowing any of their blood sisters to live with them upon marriage with the exception of the husband’s known sisters, who are not considered threats.

Amaka continued her heart-renting story: “We were married for about five years but I didn’t get pregnant. I was still going to hospitals and seeking God’s favour with a view to seeing my body change. In one circumstance, and that was the beginning of my travails, my younger sister came to my house on vacation. I took her like my own, not knowing that my husband was nursing some crazy things in his mind “I didn’t see it coming because I didn’t expect such attitude from my lawyer husband. I work in the local government secretariat, and I see the respect my husband command.

But then, I should have known that polygamous blood runs his family. His father and other family members married at least two wives. But at the same time, I still wasn’t expecting that from my own blood sister. It was a tough time for me but God healed my wound. “Right before me, my younger sister had the first male child, the second male child and the third, a female. I was really hanging in the family.

People were laughing at me. I have no child and in the part of the country, where I come from, nothing is given to a woman except that given to her son. “So, in a bid not to lose out entirely, and watch all that I worked and suffered for slip through my hands, I adopted a baby boy in the name of my husband, who he accepted while lying critical on the sick bed. My younger sister kicked but my adopted son was accepted. “So, with this, I’m secured in that family. It was a bitter lesson I wished I could redo. When I wanted to fight back, my father stopped me and I listened to him. Such will not happen to my relatives because I have been sacrificed for all. I will resist it anywhere I see its traces.”

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