Mrs Mercy Abeekaa, a business woman who resides in Jikwoyi, on Thursday told a Nyanya Customary Court that her husband insulted her because of his girl friend.

Mercy, who was the petitioner, said this while testifying in a divorce petition before the court. “My husband is having an affair with his tenant, Ogechi, he has insulted me severally because of her. “After I got married to my husband and moved in with him, I started noticing some kind of things between him and his tenant that I was not comfortable with. “I told my husband to send her out of the house, but he refused.

What my husband could say to me was that it is because of my illiteracy that I am complaining of his girlfriend. “Even when I enrolled myself in school, he said that it was because of his girlfriend that I decided to go back to school,” she said. Abeekaa also told the court that on the day they had their marriage blessed, her husband did not sleep in the house. “My husband slept in the hotel on the night of our wedding and when I asked him he said he was just waiting for his sacraments to be completed, so now he can do whatever he wants.

“He has chased me out of the house and has got himself another wife, therefore I beg this court to dissolve this marriage so that I can also remarry,” she said. Mr Ernest Abeekaa, who resided in Karu, denied all the allegations, saying that he thought that his wife was a God fearing woman, not knowing that she was a trouble maker. “The moment my wife moved into my house she started fighting with my tenant because the tenant did not greet her good morning. “My wife went around the neighbourhood telling people that I was having an affair with my tenant,” he said.

He also said that his wife threatened to crumble him financially. “My wife, on several occasions, said he was going to tell my boss that I was stealing his money, that I have built houses in the village and in Abuja. “At a point I lost my job and everything I was doing to make money seemed unfruitful to the extent that I started borrowing. “I am also no longer interested in the marriage,” he said.

The Presiding Judge, Everyman Eleanya, adjourned the case to Aug. 15 for judgment since all efforts to reconcile the parties proved abortive

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