Despite the threat to criminalise illegal recruitment by heads of parastatals and ministries, most of these bodies still continue to undertake the highly despicable act.

Today, Thursday 7th December, a set of new staff are taking their letters from the National Hospital and they are believed to be recruited without passing through the normal processes of advertising for the positions, and formal interviews. That this is taking place in an institution that is as sensitive as the National Hospital is quite queer. This is given the fact that as one of the nation’s top health facilities, nothing but the best in terms of  manpower should be engaged there, especially when it comes to professional that handle the healthcare needs of the patients.

We gathered that nurses, doctors technicians and other cadres of staff are among those being recruited. And since many of them do not pass through the normal rigorous tests to confirm their suitability, your guess is as good as ours in terms of what they would offer.

Insiders confirm that most of these new appointees are children of the high and mighty who have a lot of influence on the management of the hospital.  Our sources further disclosed how a prominent political top shot brought two of his kids who read Laboratory Technology to the Hospital some months back and the kids knew practically nothing about the job they claimed to have been trained to do. Indeed, the kids had to be aided in filling some of the forms they had to fill as temporary staff of the Hospital because they could not understand simple requirement that they were expected to input into the forms.


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