All is certainly not well with the Gombe State branch of the All Progressive Congress, as new crisis rock the party.
The stakeholder’s forum of the party in the state alleged that Senator Mohammad Danjuma Goje has diverted and mismanaged the party’s campaign founds, worth 200 million naira.  
The Chairman of the Forum, Mr. Yakubu James Laubakta, disclosed this during the Press Brief organized in Gombe, yesterday, said that during the Presidential Campaign, the National Headquarters of the party sent 200 million Naira to the state chapter for the campaign.
He said that “The position of party leaders which is not in the current APC constitution, should be officially outlawed to stop its abuse by Senator Danjuma Goje or anybody else for that matter”
Reacting to the allegation on 200 million Naira, Senator Mohammed Danjuma Goje, through his former Commissioner of Information, Alhaji Kabir Usman  Kukandaka, dismissed it as mere allegation from nowhere, adding that there  is  “No authoritative information on the disbursement of campaign funds, and it is a figment of the imagination of the petitioners, a baseless allegation”.
On the hijacking of party structure in the state, he said that This is what is expected of a party leader. This people claiming Goje is bringing some people to and hijack the party are parasitic members of the APC. They are not bringing anybody. Let them even bring in their children, they will not be able to do so, talk lessof bringing two former ministers, two senators, etc. So they are not making any sense”
Kukandaka said that any party, especially those that went into an election, had been rigged out,we know what happened but all the same, it’s not that we are in shortage of people who will vote APC into power, but we need additional man power to mobilise and ensure our success in 2019. Therefore, what’s wrong about somebody bringing high caliber of people to come and assist the party? If everybody should be like them, not bringing anybody, will the party progress,shall we capture power in 2019?”
He said that, “what they are saying is mere petition, they are petty politicians, none of them is actually versed in politics, most of them are retired civil servants who are not conversant with politics, and they are merely testing waters.
The APC Gombe state cold war started between the supporters of Senator Goje and Senator Nafada, which degenerated to a level, where each of the opposing factions has suspended one another from the party.
On Monday 6th July, 2015, the Gombe State Party Secretary, Alhaji Manu Salau Pindiga announced the suspension of the State Chairman, Barrister Muhammed  Magaji Doho and 17 others over the allegation of  anti-party activities, gross misconduct and incompetence.
Two hours after the announcement of his suspension, the State Chairman, Barrister Daho called a Press briefing and dismissed Senator Goje and 11 others for not respecting the party constitution and for misconduct.

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