The resurgence of militancy in the Niger Delta region has been a source of worry to many Nigerians – The issue has been in the front burner in the polity for a while now – President Muhammadu Buhari seem to have found a way to resolve the issue If the report by Leadership newspaper is anything to go by, the managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and first Presidential Adviser on the Amnesty Programme, Timi Alaibe, may return to the post. A source in the presidency squealed that that President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised to bring back Alaibe who has huge influence in the Niger Delta region.

Alaibe is credited with reconciling, rehabilitating and reintegrating ex-militants into the society after they laid down their arms in 2009.
He is said to have links with former and current militants and has been fingered as one man that can bring the present agitation to a halt. The report stated that President Buhari is very disturbed by the recent frequent attacks on oil installations in the Niger Delta, especially as it affects the country’s finances. The idea of bring back Alaibe is said to be an advice form a senior security and intelligence chief, who recommended that Alaibe be brought back to manage the amnesty office to curb the recent attacks.

“Even though the nation’s security agencies are on top of the situation in the region, the affected officials have been accused of not doing enough to solve the problem. “The perception in the presidency is that the amnesty man (Boroh) is far detached from the people, he does not know the militants well, and we cannot just go into a military operation that will take innocent lives in the name of looking for the boys when there is an easier way to reach the militants and rebuild confidence. “I think at our level, we have done our bit by suggesting to the political leadership to bring Timi Alaibe on board so that we can avoid some of these military operations. “I can bet you that once we engage in any operation, it will take a minimum of 16 months to complete because times have changed. “It is now very clear to the president that some of the ministers from the Niger Delta” the source said.images-78images-78

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