Elder statesman and former Commonwealth Secretary General, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, has described Nigeria as a nation sleep-walking into disaster.

He is of the opinion that the only way forward is for Nigeria to fix its domestic issues towards returning to the global age of foreign policy achievements and high global standards.

He spoke at the Akintola Williams Foundation (AWF) 2nd Annual Lecture with the theme: “Re-establishing Nigeria’s Leadership Position in the World.”

According to him, “No country can maintain a credible leadership position regionally or globally without a politically stable and sound socio-economic domestic background and so for any country to be able to exert credible influence and maintain a leadership position to be reckoned with anywhere, it must achieve a reasonable balance between its domestic and foreign policies.

“To achieve greater political stability and deserving socio economic development in the country, Nigeria must restructure its present governance as it where and must do so by returning to true federalism which our founding fathers negotiated and wisely agreed in the 1960, 1963 constitution to be the most suitable structure for stability and development of our multi ethnic and multi religious country.

“With the nature and structure of the ongoing agitations in several parts of the country, our present leadership, including especially the senate, which two weeks ago rejected the motion for devolution of powers.

“Our present leadership seems to be indifferent to the fact that Nigeria is currently sleep walking to a national disaster, restructuring will enable us create fewer and more viable federating units for economic development.”

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