A Nigerian lady has surprised her boo with a brand new N40m Range Rover eVogue for an early Valentine ’s Day present.

N40m Range Rover eVogue

Nigerian lady surprises husband with N40m Range Rover eVogue

The lady, @mizwanneka, who is the ceo of WANNEKA-THE HAIR a company that deals with artificial hair sales, shared the moment on her Instagram page.

See photos below:

N40m Range Rover eVogue

Young Nigerian lady gives boo N40m Range Rover eVogue

N40m Range Rover eVogue

The face you make when you receive an amazing gift

Read what she wrote below:

“When you marry a man that completes you , nothing is too much for him.”

“When I started hairbywanneka in 2013, as a new bride and pregnant wife , my husband wanted me to put to bed first before I do anything.”

“But the hustler in me will not let me rest so I started by business by just displaying pictures on BBM, I didn’t even know about instagram.”

“After small money came out of the hair , I begged my hubby to plz get me a store in Festac and invest small money in it , I even promised to pay back , he immediately agreed and we got one , he put it in place and gave me some money to buy hairs , after my 1 year in that shop , I didn’t leave with money or goods.”

“Before we left Festac , knowing I have failed him the first time, I started begging him again to pls get me a store in Lekki without shame , I even said “ok borrow me the money as begging , he aggreed again and paid for my first shop in Lekki, put some goods in it for me , again everything went down the drain , after 1 year I left the store with nothing to show for it.”

“Now for the 3rd time , I was begging for a new shop , this time , hubby didn’t even buy the idea , trust woman and Wahala, I fought him kept malice and almost said am not marrying u again to avoid Wahala , I was in sch one day and he called and said “madam we have gotten you the shop” I danced back home I told him the reason y I failed in the first Lekki store is because people in Lekki like fine shops with good interior he then put this one up in a Lekki way for me , even with that nothing 6 months into the new store , I saw another disaster , i felt for the man who had been investing and not getting anything back , at that point , I knew I had to do something.”

“Then I put in my all into my small business and now see how far we have come . While my business was on standstill , I will demand for all the latest phones I’ll ask for a change of car without shame

“This same man will buy it , I’ll even ask for a driver again Willy this Range Rover EVogue is for you my darling,today I can proudly say to you that ur money wasnt wasted.this is from my small business to u I love u baby#mostsupportivehubby#mollinswellspnt.”


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