A video showing the moment a Bingham University student (name not known) is being assaulted by a fellow student of the school have sparked outrage online.

In the viral video seen by Naija News, and shared by a Twitter user, Jemima Nnadi captured a fresher of the Varsity situated in Abuja been flogged by an older student with a whip.

According to Jemima, her cousin, also a fresher of the Varsity shared the video with her, alleging such inhumane treatment was meted to Freshers, (like them) in the university.

She further called on the right authorities to duly prosecuted the older student caught bullying the younger students.

Sharing the video, she wrote; ”This video was sent by my cousin in Bingham university. This is what they go through as freshers in the university. Bullying. This student should be found and duly prosecuted.. How can a fellow student do this to another… Kindly retweet and tag necessary authorities.”

Watch disturbing video below;


The video has since caused a stir, with social media users outrightly condemning the actions of the older student whilst demanding justice for the fresher.

Opemipo Olawale Adeniyi wrote; ”This act of bullying is outrightly unacceptable. Anybody with useful information on this issue should please DM me. @BinghamUniKaru. Bingham University, those culpable must be expelled!”

Parachoko wrote; “This is nonsense. They need to be dealt with How can university students be behaving like secondary and primary school boys.”

Viraltrends123 wrote; ‘‘I hope this things goes viral and the idiots are rusticated. This is not actually a private university thing, it’s the mentality of some stupid people. Instead of them to live their life, go to class, come back to the hostel, read their books, cook their food, back to the library, they enjoy constituting a nuisance, showing people around they are strong, can do and undo. If that school is not careful, these idiots will start a cult group that will even threaten lecturers. That’s why prisons are built, to separate idiots from the sensible.”

Offpoint1 wrote; ”The old man bullying him is not even ashamed dragging uni space with his son’s mate.”

jeromestarks wrote; ”All these rich men schools are filled with bullies.”

abokikhalifa wrote; ”So the other guy doesn’t have friends that can join hands with him to fight? I wish I can gain admission to that school as a fresher just for 1 month. I go to beat that senior colleague.”

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