Some Nigerian netizens have taken to social media to express their anger over the comment made by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.),  in which he denied having a house in the United Kingdom.

Buhari had revealed while responding to a question in a 25-second Twitter video posted by his Special Assistant on Digital Media, Tolu Ogunlesi, on Thursday, that he told King Charles III that he had no house in the United Kingdom during his visit to the monarch.

The president had said, “When he (King Charles III) asked me whether I have a house here (UK), I said no, even in Nigeria, the ones I have are those ones I built before I got into government. I am not very much interested in having assets all over the place. I feel freer when I have nothing.”

However, young Nigerians took to their various social media platforms to fault the reply given by Buhari to the British monarch, noting that the question was pregnant with meanings describing the President’s answer as “miserably pathetic.”

Others mocked Buhari’s anti-corruption fight and accused him and his family of having turned a UK hospital into a “second home” at the neglect of the country’s health facilities.

Ejikeme Precious wrote, “His question means don’t you have a place to stay in your country; every minute you are in his place. Even when your country is going through a lot you are there.”

Another commenter, Emuobohwo Odje, stated, “Pedestrian business. The King was mocking him perhaps, yet, he sounds condescending to himself. The English people have a penchant to speak figuratively and may ridicule you if you can be suffered gladly. Utterly laughable and pathetically miserable.”

Dapo Adeya, wrote, “We know. Your wife or children or your in-laws definitely have houses in the UK bought through proceeds of stolen funds. You are an enabler of corruption, always hiding behind one finger!”

A Facebook user, Arike Awe, wrote, “Yes but he has a special reserved hospital room fully equipped with taxpayers’ money. What does he need a house for? Ndi corruption fighters!”

Another netizen, Ubani Chimaobi,  wrote, “He may think it’s just an ordinary question King Charles III is asking of him but there’s an undertone to it. It is possible Buhari doesn’t have a house in the UK but he spends so much on rent in the UK whenever he travels, but I wonder if the UK government is unaware of the societal menace happening in their former colony (Nigeria).”

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