Northern leaders appear divided over the fate of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, who is currently on vacation in the United Kingdom.

While Dr Junaid Mohammed, a northern leader, Second Republic lawmaker and convener, Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics and Businessmen, told Sunday Tribune that Buhari’s presidency is dead, another northern leader, a former military governor of Kaduna State, Brigadier-General Jafar Isah, said the administration is very much alive.

Speaking with Sunday Tribune in exclusive interviews, both northern leaders though agreed that the government of Buhari is facing a hard time, they were at variance on the fate of the administration and its chances with the electorate in 2019.

According to Mohammed, the president had consistently shown a lack of capacity to administer Nigeria, a claim which Isah strongly disputed. For Isah, Buhari is the best to happen to the country, claiming the president, with the steady progress he has made so far, is building a strong foundation for Nigeria’s future.

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