FORMER Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan have made the list of eminent personalities of Save Democracy Group Africa, SDGA that would form a club of past Presidents in Africa to ensure that there was respect for constitutionally stipulated tenure of office for political leadership in the African continent.

Addressing Journalists Thursday in Abuja on the forthcoming Nelson Mandela International Roundtable on Political Development in Africa, Director General, SDGR, Dr. Ifedi Okwenna disclosed that it has become imperative to have a club of this kind of past African Presidents who conducted themselves well and left the stage when it was time to do unlike some Presidents who have perpetuated themselves in office as against the wishes of the people.

According to Okwenna, some serving presidents will join the eminent persons group when the leave office, adding that for democratic culture to grow on the continent, there must be respect for constitutionally stipulated tenure of office for the political leadership is of primary importance, adding,” When elected leaders seek to short change their own people and the very constitution which they swore to protect at the commencement of their tenures, they act against good conscience and the sovereignty of their people.
This erodes their moral authority to continue in office and results in revolts and resentments, which reduce their effectiveness in office and retards their contributions to development of their respective countries.”

He also disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari would declare open the occasion which would be a gathering of African and International Political leaders, just as he said that the Roundtable would be a platform for the development of hybrid of ideas fir African democracy

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