Bola Obasanjo has revealed a side of her Ex-President husband, Olusegun Obasanjo, many people don’t know about. While speaking at the Ogun State Third Investors’ Forum recently, she had this to say about her hubby;
“I thank God that I am with Baba. Don’t think that it is because of his money, not at all, he doesn’t joke or mess around with his money. If he says he loves you, you must be hardworking. We nicknamed Baba, wole joko jeun (meaning, enter, sit and eat) because of his busy nature. He is always attending to people. He has an answer to everybody’s problem. At times, in our house, we receive over 100 guests in a single day, and we serve food to them.
You dare not tell OBJ (his nickname) that there is no soup in the house, except you want trouble. When he comes in, rush to the kitchen, even if there is nothing, you have to pretend that you are bringing something. If the kitchen is empty, you have to rush to the garden.”

There was a day someone asked me if we don’t have magazine in the house and I asked what the person needed it for and she explained that she wanted to use it to fan herself in case of power outage. I told her ‘we don’t read maga­zine here, people come here to see OBJ’s face.”

OBJ married Bola in 2009,Four years after the death of former first lady, Stella.

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