Ebony black and tall,Obinna is not your run of the mill millionaire. He has the looks of someone who is rugged and ready to push to achieve goals. According to our source, he came in to Abuja years back and saw an opening in the entertainment sector having realised that open air relaxation was one thing that Abuja people loved. IMG_20160728_141416

He started Ibiza and within a few years it became the place to be for young and old, the rich and the poor who wanted to drink, relax and or listen to good music. He had the best DJ in Abuja which was an addition to having the cheapest drinks in that form of setting.
From there, he moved on to establish other pubs also in Abuja. He eventually set up Cubana which has become the signpost of entertainment in the city. Cubana has provision for VIPs, and another Champagne Lounge where beer ia not served.
The success in the night clubbing business encouraged him to go into the hotel business. He started with one in Maitama Abuja a couple of years back. Shortly after he acquired the former headquarters of ALGON and turned into another one. He went on to add more. He is believed to be building a new one in Jabi also in Abuja. Apart from this, he is also building another multimillion Naira lounge and multi purpose events centre in Owerri the IMO State capital with a definite handover date of November 2016.
The easy going young man doesn’t look it. Often times you see him in jeans and T-SHIRT.

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