ONDO state governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, has said vehicles without roadworthiness certificates from the state’s Computerised Vehicle Inspection Centre would soon be restricted from plying roads within the state, in order to make the roads safe for motorists.

Akeredolu who stated this during the inauguration of the Ondo State Computerised Vehicle Inspection Centre in Akure, Ondo state capital, said the era of awarding certificate of roadworthiness without the necessary and mandatory test has gone for good in the state.

According to him, this would go a long way to ensure the safety of lives and property on the roads saying the decision to introduce technology to determine the worthiness of all kinds of vehicles across the state is to ensure their reliability and safety of lives and properties.

The governor explained that the computerised vehicle inspection centre was meant to serve all classes of owners of vehicles, including private, corporate, commercial, government, traditional and religious leaders at all levels, disclosing that all the vehicles would be subjected to the same tests as required by experts.

He said: “Nobody will be allowed to peddle influence. No official will be allowed to compromise the process. Our roads must be made safe for our people.”

Speaking on the benefits of the facility, Akeredolu said “technology and scientific-based evaluation and analysis of matters are always more accurate and more reliable.

“They produce faultless results based on objective parameters set for the purpose of evaluation.

“Human judgement is prone to subjective considerations, technology is immune to extraneous influence.

“Machines or computers are not likely to be susceptible to negative manipulations or influence by nature, socio-economic, political or environmental factors.”

The governor, however, allayed the likely fear of artisans in the state, especially, mechanics, electricians and other related experts that the project was designed to render them jobless.

He said: “The project is not designed to render you jobless and idle. It will rather enhance the practice of your professions as the various centres across the state shall serve as referral centres to all certified mechanical and auto-electrical workshops.”

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