When the children of David and Charity Ayedogbon filed out a few days ago to debunk the story of their mother being missing, it was obvious that something was indeed missing in the family, but it wasn’t their mother. She had long ago abandoned the family. According to their story as told by their father and corroborated by the grown up kids , their mother and wife had moved out of her matrimonial home since 21014 on her own volition. Every effort to bring her back, including visiting her parents back home in order for them to wade in had proved futile. She resisted it.

To make matters worse, she not only philandered but also made a big deal out of such escapades even though she was still legally married by posting pictures of her philandering as well as nite clubs she attended with male friends on the social media, something that even her grown up kids found very repugnant and repulsive.

Brandishing various court papers, David Ayedogbon who has been at the centre of media attacks for allegedly abducting his wife showed how the same woman had after moving out of her matrimonial home gone to court to sue not just her husband but also joining her own kids as parties in a bid to have her own share of the family wealth. They also showed how, a few marking the birthday with one of her daughters who had to take the cake to her mother’s new home to celebrate with her,, another court papers was served on the whole family which largely portrays Charity as being too ruthless, or operating under serious influence.

In the course of her alleged disappearance, the same Charity had been  to a bank in Abuja to transact business. According to the family, if indeed the submission of one Emeka Ngwuonye who claimed to have seen her mutilated body is true, how could someone who had died and her body mutilated be seen in the bank four days later.

The family also disclosed how Charity’s car had been seen all round town days and weeks after her alleged disappearance being driven around by some dark glasses wearing boys.

Buttressing their case further, the family disclosed that Charity’s phone was being used by some boys who had been associated with her ever before her alleged disappearance. They went further to show that Charity was hell bent on extorting money from the family hence the decision to go into hiding and create an impression that she was either kidnapped or has been killed so that her estranged husband and children would be pushed to the wall and seek her out for negotiation. Curiously, calls put through to Charity’s family members reflected that they were indeed not aware of disappearance saga. Indeed, Charity’s father had been calling to speak with her grandchildren as one of them prepare to wed.

Curiously, the said lawyer, Ugwuonye who claimed to have seen the mutilated body of Charity has refused to release the body to the Police for forensic analysis neither has he called on the family to identify their mother and wife whether the body parts are hers. Rather, he has been working tirelessly on the social media to ensure that pressure is put on the family.

From the submissions of her husband and kids who were calm and hardly ruffled that it was their own mother whose antisocial activities had drawn so much flaks, it is obvious that Charity Ayedogbon might not be missing. Perhaps the woman, who is in her forties, got herself entangled in a web of intricacies involving desperate young men who believe they can exploit her family crisis to make some money for themselves while using her as a bait.


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