CHIEF Olusola Oke, who contested the platform the All Progressives Congress, APC, governorship primary in Ondo State, is one of the aggrieved aspirants.

In this interview, he lampooned the National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odiegie-Oyegun for his role in the posty-primary crisis ravaging APC in Ondo State.image

By Dapo Akinrefon & Dayo Johnson

Having rejected the decision of the National Working Committee of your party, what is your next line of action?

My response has not changed. We indicated that since the party has followed that perfidious direction, we are leaders of the people. We have defined territory of aspiration which is Ondo State, we know the desire of our people, they want change, this change is desirable because they want a government whose priority would be the welfare of the people.

As leaders, our aspiration is to provide them with opportunities to bring about that desired and desirable change. The APC has taken a decision, which is available for them to take; we as leaders will revert to our constituency, which is Ondo State, what is it they want and what it is they desire and what they think we, their leaders, can do in the present circumstance?

It is after this survey, study and consultation that we can talk about the next line of action. The next line of action in that regard is merely to go back to the people, which we are already doing.

But there are strong indications that you are moving on to another party, is this true?

I am still in the APC but we are consulting. At the end of the day, what the people want me to do, is what I will do. My allegiance is to the people of Ondo state and not to any political inclination.

Before the NWC took its decision, there were reports that the presidency was to wade into the impasse, have you been reached out to?

I have no contact with the presidency and I know that this is strictly a party affair. I do not think that President Buhari wants to be sent into this arena of conflict. There are no indications from that and I am also not expecting any contact from there. It is not a government affair, it is a party affair.

What is your advice to the APC now that it has taken its decision?

I have prayed for the APC, good luck to the APC.

How do you view the decision of the national chairman of your party to overrule other NWC members?

The chairman did not do well, he did not act as one who believes in democracy. I think he demonstrated some lawlessness, but he is our chairman, what can we do? He has behaved in his own understanding but power is ephemeral. It is better to take decisions than not to take.

Don’t you see this decision affecting the fortunes of your party at the election?

It depends on the people of Ondo State. The jurisdiction of the APC, at this time, is Ondo state that is why we need to go back and talk to them. After my consultation, I will be able to answer. For us, the party leadership did not do well but I will take it back to the people to feel their pulse. I need time to go back to the people, that is the bottom line. The national chairman decided that the majority was wrong and the minority was right. It is an occasion where majority had their say but minority had their way, it is

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