Christians have been advised to remain focused in life.

The Senior Pastor of the Ark For Saints Pastor Hilary Kanebi made this known Sunday in Nasarawa State. He said to be focused is to extend such self-control that no one and nothing can deter or distract you from your goals and vision, adding that invention is one of the major thing that come when focus is exercised and when desperation becomes the order of the day, miracles take place. The Clergyman said what you recognize (focus) you energize (in your feeling nature) and what you energize, you realize ( result).

Pastor Hilary said every one needs self -discipline which is control from within. Your emotions, instincts are under your control. He stressed that when you live without discipline, you die without success or dignity.
The text of the message was taken from Matthew 6 verse 22-24, Proverbs chapter 12 verse 27 and Proverbs 27 verse 17. He said loving God is the most important thing but it must not be in words alone but in deeds. “If you want success you should recognize God as number one adoration and give all attention because He is the source of all blessings”.
He further stressed that your friends play a vital role in your life as building useful relationships contribute to your attitude, appearance and disposition. He added that some relationship will be imposed to you by force like in your work place, church etc. But you have to manage them to the best of your ability, for others, you have the choice.
He concluded by emphasising that every man that wants to achieve needs three major important friends.
A financial friend that you can assist each other in times of need
A true friend that can always tell you the truth and correct you without fear
A friend that can stand with you in time of trouble.
Do you have a value added friend or one for diminishing returns?
He said the number of time you fall cannot change your financial status but total obedience to Gods word open doors of favour.

Joy Kalu reporting

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