Editor’s note: Youths pastor and senior lecturer at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Mr Amaso Jack has written on the anti-corruption campaign of the present administration.

Mr Jack picked holes in the style adopted by the Muhammadu Buhari’s government to fight graft, highlighting some of the obvious flaws in the campaign.

Pastor Jack Amaso has picked holes in President Buhari’s fight against corruption

Read below:

The strides in the anti-corruption fight are commendable just as the conflicting figures of recovered loot are confusing. A corruption fight that cuts the grass without uprooting the roots is not sincere, remember the words of Shehu Sani.

President Buhari chose to quarrel with himself in public space, when he told us Babangida removed him because of corruption, now he is in power, he has the knife (anti-corruption will) and the yam (Babangida) rather than using the knife to cut the yam (prosecute) Babangida,he has chosen praise over prosecution at Babangida’s birthday.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has said he was removed from office 31 years ago because he was planning to purge the military hierarchy of corruption. Buhari, who has not spared the military even in his ongoing anti-corruption war, said senior military leaders, led by a former military president, General Ibrahim Babangida, and General Aliyu Gusau, removed him in August 1985, to save themselves from his wrath.”

Rather than prosecute the “settlement” symbol of corruption, the anaconda-in-chief chief of corruption, President (anti-corruption) Buhari sent praises to General (corrupt) Babangida on his 75th Birthday.

“On behalf of myself, my family, the government and people of Nigeria, I wish to heartily congratulate you on the milestone of attaining 75 years.

“I equally wish to congratulate you on your service to the country, and your commitment to oneness and indivisibility of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. There is hardly any major episode in Nigeria’s short history where your name and contribution does not feature.

“On this special occasion, I pray that Almighty Allah grants you many more years to see Nigeria grow and develop beyond all of our wildest dreams.”


1. Buhari personally signed the letter.

2. Buhari said: “There is hardly any major episode in Nigeria’s short hostory where your name and contribution does not feature.”


Corruption is a major episode in Nigeria’s history, Babangida has 12.4 billion loot of it to his credit, yet he gets praises rather than prosecution from an anti-corrupt government!

3. Buhari spoke of “Babangida’s commitment to the oneness and indivisibility of the federal republic of Nigeria.”

Oneness and indivisibility? A man who annulled the most transparent election, that caused crisis which almost tore the country apart?

When ethnic and religious bonds are stronger than moral bonds, compromise is a sensitive war like the present corruption fight is inevitable.

“I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria. God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country.” – Buhari ( August 27, 2001)

Babangida put Nigeria in OIC!

But when the corruption fight is driven by policy; policy documented by the strength of documentation in the federal government gazzette, that policy will check the excesses of sentiments.

The difference between Jonathan and Babangida is not the mutual corruption they share united in the man Dasuki, who was Babangida’s ADC and Jonathan’s National Security Adviser, the only visible difference is ethnicity and religion.

While their similarity is Dasuki, who acted on the orders of the then Chief of Army Staff, to arrest his commander in chief. Today while both commanders (the corrupt and the anti-corrupt) have “settled”, Dasuki (the errand boy) is earning his well deserved payment for corruption, in the vaults of confinement. (Court orders should be respected)

Jonathan is Christian from the South, Babangida is Muslim from the North, both have corruption in common, but Buhari a Muslim from the North praises his brother, Babangida, on his birthday, laughs with Abdulsalam (also from the North with questions on corruption from Major Al Mustapha) and presents Jonathan as the only corrupt person. In a country that fought a war that had nepotism as a major contributor, This is DOUBLE STANDARDS!

Let all suspected of being thieves, be seen as who they are….THIEVES!

For the credibility of the anti-corruption fight, Buhari shouldn’t have said what he said about Babangida…it raises serious ethnic and religious concerns with nepotism as a clear undertone…..remember……When anti-corruption celebrates the birthday of corruption……..anti-corruption may soon become AUNTY CORRUPTION!

Mr Jack is a lecturer at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism and a youth pastor.

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