President Emeritus of the guild in Nollywood, which prides itself as the only guild that is the employer of the labour that all other guilds pro­vide, Association of Movie Producers (AMP), Paul Obazele is planning big for the 2016 edition of his annual Legends of Nollywood Awards.images-160

The handsome actor, who was spot­ted in Abuja, in the company of his co-traveler in the world of make believe, Zack Orji, was evidently excited about the fact that some of his big friends in govt. are interested in having him move the award to the capital city.

When we approached him for a chat on what has been happening to him and Nollywood, he was very much in a haste and hurriedly said “I am presenting a paper in an Abuja church tomorrow and am working towards relocating the Legends of Nollywood Awards to Abuja, based on popular demand, as a lot of people have viewed my choice of Be­nin as host city of the event as being for tribal reasons. This is why I am having series of meetings in Abuja, so as to fi­nalize plans for the eventual relocation. I promise you, The AUTHORITY will be the first to know when all the arrange­ments are finalized”

Further investigations revealed that Paul, who is one of the Nollywood stars that is very close to the corridors of pow­er in Abuja, has been invited by a certain Senator friend of his, who is interested in the project and wants it relocated to Abuja

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