By Nzeh Frankwhite
A leading support group for the Atiku Abubakar presidency, Atiku Is The Answer (AITA), is currently stepping up their game, in preparation for the forthcoming presidential primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), by convening a National Convention for their members and all PDP national delegates, stakeholders, etc in Enugu.
The conference, which is slated for the 16th and 17th of September 2018, is coming with the theme: The imperatives of good governance in Nigeria.
In a brief chat with the National Coordinator of the group, Dr Fresh Onuoha, he confirmed the essence of the conference, which is the need for all Nigerians and indeed the PDP national delegates to realize that our country is presently challenged by its leadership deficit, and in urgent need of redemption.
In his words, “A cosmopolitan society as ours, is in need of a true leader, a leader whose actions and inactions, over the years, represents a solution to our current leadership deficit. The essence of this conference, is to underscore this obvious national challenge and also proffer a viable alternative.
The name of our group,’Atiku Is The Answer’ aptly captures this. The PDP national delegates need to be debriefed from primordial sentiments, and other nuances that has the capacity of blurring their views from making the right choice to, not only return our great party to power, but also to liberate our great country from the shackles of the enemies of the state. Our country currently needs a detribalized Nigerian, a bridge builder and an economic power house like the Wazirin Adamawa, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar GCON. Our delegates need to appreciate this, by putting our best foot forward in this election, by electing Atiku Abubakar
On the strength of the group, the amiable politician had this to say, “We have a strong presence in all the states of the federation, including Sokoto, Yobe, Maiduguri and Kebbi. I invite you to join us in Enugu and see how our delegates from the various states of the federation will flood the state. We are on record as one of the earliest groups that began drumming up support for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and we have followed him all the way. Every state that our incoming president has visited had our visible imprint, from the Airports to rallies, etc. we also played a prominent role in contributing funds for the purchase of the nomination and expression of interest forms.
At the convention, we shall also be inaugurating the national executives of our organization, while also setting up committees on various aspects of confronting the challenges ahead. There is work to be done, we must drum up the gospel of Atiku Abubakar presidency through all the nooks and crannies of this country
We have reached out to eminent Nigerians, members of our great party (PDP), and several delegates at the forthcoming primaries to be part of this epoch making event.
Our country has come to an all-time low, and as Nigerians, we owe it a duty to work towards its redemption, otherwise, posterity will not be kind to us. Since my adulthood, I have never heard of Nigeria being addressed as the poverty capital of the world, except for now, the herdsmen killings with impunity is another shocker from this regime in this microcomputer age, corruption under this regime has gone scientific, ad their proceeds revolving in a few hands despite TSA, unemployment has risen to all-time high, with this regime recording the highest loss of jobs in less than 3 years. When we have one of the highest job creators in Nigeria as our political leader, he is the best bet for a good deal for the average Nigerian youth, who are gradually losing faith in their country due to the current clueless leadership

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