There are some Major Dark spots in Abuja where you should never be caught alone especially in the evening or in the night.
Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, especially the city centre is considered safe, especially when compared to other parts of the country. But the city, which had in recent months witnessed a couple of murders and strings of robberies also has its black spots. Criminals lurk around such spots which are usually deserted in the evenings and early mornings, looking for opportunities to strike.

While the usual victims are passer byes, investigations also revealed that some taxi operators collude with criminals by driving through the dangerous spots and slowing down or pretending that the cabs developed faults to enable their collaborators rob the passenger(s) in their vehicles, mostly at gunpoint.

Struggling with the criminals had also proved fatal for many victims with corpses being picked up regularly at such spots by authority of the capital city. Most of these spots are well known by the high numbers of the city cabs drivers; most especially the non-printed cabs.
Pictures below show some of the major black spots in the city.

Walking on or around the bridge linking the famous Yar’Adua Centre and the National Mosque in the early hours of the morning or early evening can be a dangerous affair. There are daily reports of people, especially ladies being robbed of their bags, phones and other valuables by knife and other dangerous weapons wielding criminals. The criminals take cover in the thick vegetation around the area – cover to catch their victims unaware and also escaped there after any ‘operation.’

The Gudu roundabout, a major passage for those going into Garki and Apo area of the city is also a deadly place to be, especially in the evenings or early in the morning. Street urchins who are never in short supply around the bush in the area regularly rob unsuspecting people with the aid of dangerous weapons.

Dantata bridge along the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport road is also one of the spots where you could get robbed in Abuja. You could get robbed walking on top or under the bridge which is about 5 kilometers from National Stadium early in the evenings or mornings.

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