The fate that befell Japhet Aba, a newly recruited policeman in Nasarawa State, is one that no young man would envy. His heart was torn apart, his ego badly bruised after he left home for training in Bauchi State and returned to discover that his newly married wife had been impregnated by his stepbrother.

Japhet, a youthful indigene of Doma Local Government Area of Nasarawa State and only son of his mother, had reported in Bauchi for post- recruitment training about three months after he got married.

The product of Nasarawa State Polytechnic had joined the police about three months after his marriage with Angela Onuh, a graduate of the College of Agriculture Lafia.

Although the couple was said to have dated for about one year before they got married, they were said to have struck an agreement that they would have no intimacy before their marriage in September last year. Unfortunately, the intimacy they had after marriage could not result in pregnancy before the husband departed for training.

In the build-up to his departure for police training in Bauchi, Japhet decided to secure an apartment in Lafia, Nasarawa State capital, in a compound where his stepbrother, Samuel Aba, already living, believing that the primary school teacher would help to look after his wife in his absence.

Japhet, however, got the shock of his life when he returned from Bauchi after nine months and found his wife heavily pregnant. Upon enquiry, Angela told Japhet that she was lured by Samuel into an affair until she became pregnant for him.

She also said that she avoided aborting the pregnancy because her parents, particularly her mother who had died a few years ago, had warned her that she would die if she engaged in any abortion.

While Japhet who returned home to the shocking discovery in July has since reported at his place of primary assignment, matters became worse for him recently as a bullet was said to have hit his manhood during an exchange of gunfire between the police and some daredevil robbers. He is at the moment undergoing treatment in a hospital in Lafia while Angela was recently delivered of a baby boy.

Samuel, on his part, suffered a worse fate as some herdsmen were said to have attacked and shot him dead while he was on inspection of his farm in Doma village. But while Samuel was said to have seen the new baby before his death, Japhet who has been on admission in the hospital, has not had the opportunity of seeing the newborn baby or his wife since July.

Recalling the events that culminated in the scandalous incident in an exclusive chat with our correspondent, Japhet said: “I got married to my wife sometime in September 2021. We had during the period agreed not to mate until we were married, and I didn’t have any issue with that.

“When we eventually got married, we started mating but pregnancy was yet to come when I got recruited into the police.

“Before I left for the training, we had an extensive discussion about the future.

“As the only son of my mother, she was actually in a hurry for me to marry and bear children for her, but my wife and I chose to hold on for a while since I was proceeding to the camp.

“It is quite unfortunate that we had regular discussion on the phone and on a few occasions, she had the opportunity to visit me in camp.

“To my surprise, I came back to meet a pregnancy I didn’t know anything about. Probing further, she mentioned my own brother whom I trusted so much and moved my wife to stay in same compound with him.

“Little did I know that the devil would use my brother to destroy my marriage by impregnating her. When I inquired from Samuel before his death, he told me my wife was the one that lured him into it.

“Samuel told me that my wife had in the course of their discussion confided in him that I was not good in bed; that though she loved me, the few months I spent with her before proceeding to camp, I was lazy in bed and was not satisfying her. So she needed a strong man to satisfy her in bed.

“He said the complaint came several times and he was afraid my wife could go outside looking for satisfaction, hence he decided to lend a helping hand.

“So, I didn’t want to take it up with Samuel when I came back because I blame my wife who allowed the whole thing to happen.

“Even when my mother was pushing me to make an issue of it, I resisted and kept quiet because we lost our father few years back. So I was careful about it.

“I was also confused about the decision to take when I returned to meet her in that condition with her unsatisfactory explanation.

“I resisted pressure from my mother and quickly moved to my place of primary assignment to allow my wife to take a decision that suited her.

“But deep within me, I concluded not to have anything to do with her. She hardly calls and I hardly call her too.

“I decided to reveal this because of the condition I am in now at the hospital. I may not survive this and I want the world to know.

“Unfortunately, Samuel is no more. He died recently from herdsmen attack when he went to the farm in the village. I pray God to grant him eternal rest and forgive all his sins on earth.

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