Recall that we told you a few days ago how a very influential Minister had mobilised his wecaterpillar to a property in Sabon Lugbe to demolish a fence around 9.30pm.

In the previous report, we also informed you how a septuagenarian who knew the owners of the land resisted the minister’s men and eventually got the Police involved thereby stopping the demolition that was already begun in the dead of the night.

The case which the Lugbe Police station took on and was even willing to provide security at the site for the owners of the land however took a new dimension yesterday as the same Policemen who had acknowledged the genuineness of the owners of the land’s papers suddenly started singing a new song.

igpAccording to our reporters, the Police who had informed the property owners that they were wiling to give him coverage so that no one would dare disturb suddenly changed their attitude, telling him that the same papers they thought were genuine were no longer so. They didn’t stop there. They told him to vacate the site immediately and ensured that his men are not seen around the site.

Even though the Police had initiated moves to bring both parties together with a view to seeing the land papers as well as allocation documents they have, sources claimed that the I inter neither sent in men nor came to t he Police station yet, the Police declared the papers they had earlier vouched for as being genuine as fake and by so doing claimed that the complainant was indeed the trespasser.

Unconfirmed reports claimed that the Police were acting under instructions as the very influential minister who has an equipment leasing firm had reached out to the Police with a view to winning them on his side as he tries to take possession of a plot of land which was sold to him by fake land speculators who deal in forged land papers.

Brandishing his original papers, the land owner has sworn to go to any length within the confines of the law to expose the minister who is well known to be one of the largest property owners in the current government having been in the corridors of power for some time now.

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