A 37-year-old police officer, Adoyi Okiwori, yesterday approached a Lagos Island Customary Court seeking the dissolution of his three-year-old marriage over alleged infidelity of his wife.

Adoyi told the court that he met his wife, Grace, in Abuja while they were in the university and she got pregnant and gave birth to their five-year-old son, Divine.

He said they later got married on December 27, 2014, adding that the union was blissful until 2016 when he started noticing the strange behaviour of his wife.

He said: “She sometimes leaves the house without stating where she was going and when she will be back. I started seeing text messages from numerous lovers on my wife’s phone. There was one I read that said ‘I enjoyed the nice time we had.’ When I confronted my wife, she confessed that she met with the man and that they only kissed and did not have sex.

“My wife went to a birthday party with another man who slept with her and gave her N40,000 which she used in buying a sewing machine. When I could not cope with her infidelity any more,  I reported her to my elder brother who spoke with her and later reported her to her elder sister. Her sister reprimanded her and my wife started picked up a quarrel with her. My wife no longer speaks with her sister.”

The officer told the court that he no longer trusts his wife and urged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant him custody of his son.

Grace, who denied all the allegations, told the court that her husband was not caring and sometimes does not come home for days.

She said: “I love him and I have never cheated on him even when he had nothing.  I became pregnant and he asked me to abort, but I still stood by him. Since I started my tailoring business, my husband has not contributed any money to it and he has been feeling insecure. My husband does not take care of me and he is afraid someone else might be taking care of me outside of the home.

“He goes through my phone and reads meaning to every text message and chat he sees. He took me to shrine in their village last December to swear that if I was having extra marital affairs,  something awful should happen to me and  I did,” she said.

Grace said her husband had prevented her from seeing her son who was presently at his sister’s place while all her properties were still in his house.

She, however, maintained that she still loves her husband.

The court’s President, Mr Awos Awosola, ordered that the child be brought to court on the next adjourned date. Awosola adjourned the case till February 24 to enable family members mediate in the matter.

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