For some months now, Polo Avenue Executive Director, Jennifer Obayuwana and her fiance Peter Salah have not been spotted loved up or together in public like before. Jeni has also stopped wearing her engagement ring, and this photo below recently happened on Snapchat.

It shows Jennifer asking her sister Johanna to delete this stupid picture – Johanna’s IG post where she excitedly announced to the world that Jennifer just got engaged to the love of her life. #PJ2015.

The post no longer exists on Johanna’s Instagram page now though. There’s also reportedly no photos of Peter on Jeni’s IG page either.

You recall that January 2015 had kicked off on a very exciting note for Jennifer Obayuwana. She had received a surprise engagement from her then beau of ten months, Peter Salah the CEO of Tilt
Group on New Year Eve.

After that engagement, the loved up couple practically everyday shared photos of themselves in each other’s arms. Social media was awash with their pictures, gifts and how much Salah dotes over Jeni. Beautiful pictures of the couple.

Gist then was that their wedding was going to hold later on in 2015. The ceremony was expected to kick off with an introduction and engagement in Nigeria, and white wedding maybe staged abroad (possibly France).

You also recall Jennifer Obayuwana and Peter Salah even took their love to France, Paris where they sealed it with a love lock.

Then for her birthday, the Polo director even posted a photo of how her man woke her up to wash her legs with a bottle of champagne, launching her into a special day with the promise of better things to come.

There had been cynical parties who believed Peter’s engagement to Jennifer was a calculated attempt at consolidating his wealth and not really because he was looking forward to the commitments and sanctity of marriage. There have also been alleged reports that Peter cheated on Jeni.

A lot of people were rooting for this couple though.


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