By Wisdom Nwedene

A Facebook user, Charles Ogbu has shared the terrible condition of popular Nigerian Singer, Mike Ejeagha after he paid him a visit in Enugu State.

Charles Ogbu revealed that the Singer’s condition is nothing to write home about and blasted Nigerian politicians for abandoning such a talented singer to languish in pains.

In his words,

“This is the legendary folklorist, Gentleman Mike Ejeagha. A man who has brought honor, glory and majesty to the Igbo Nation and kept the ancient ways of our Ancestors alive through his music delivered mostly as folklores.”

“I and some friends visited him yesterday and what we saw was a man living in abject poverty, complete lack and total sense of abandonment. As I type this, his wife has been gravely ill for long. Himself doesn’t look strong even. The condition I met this living Legend and his family is something I will not dare write here out of respect for the dignity of his person.”

“Good thing is, he lives in Abakpa Nike where anyone could easily go see for him/herself.”

“The tragic irony here is that when this man finally joins his Ancestors, almost the whole govts officials in Igbo land will start spending millions upon millions buying up the whole newspaper spaces praising this same man IN DEATH. All the Dr, professor, Chief, Nze n’ozos will start donating millions to a burial committee which will likely be set up by one state govt in Igbo land to give him a befitting burial. All the monies that they didn’t give him to take care of himself, his wife’s health and enjoy his well deserved senior citizen’s status, they will now come and be wasting them in one nonsense called befitting burial.”

“Befitting burial for person wey probably died of starvation, neglect and abandonment.”

“Even we wey dey here on Facebook, we will all start writing poetry upon poetry on how he was this and that”, he concluded.

Source : http://igberetvnews.com/475558/see-shocking-condition-popular-nigerian-singer-mike-ejeagha/


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