A phone dealer at the Alaba International market, one Joseph, who is popularly referred to as ‘pastor’ has been arrested by the police for allegedly raping his neighbour’s daughter, a 7-year-old grand-child (names withheld). Saturday Mirror learnt that the alleged rape took place at 19, Adejanju (civilian barrack) at Mechanic bus stop, Ojo, Lagos. It was gathered that the crime was exposed after a teenager told the victim’s mother, Nene Oguchint that Joseph (aka Pastor) had defiled her 12-year-old daughter.

IG It was learned that the police took the victim to a private hospital in AliBaba, Isashi, after the case was reported and the test confirmed that she has been sexually abused recently. The victim said, “The first time that pastor raped me, was the day my siblings and I went inside uncle pastor’s room. When we entered, he told my little sister, Amaka to take my brother Victor outside. When they went outside, Uncle asked me to sit on his laps, removed my pants and his trouser and started putting his penis inside my bum-bum. Later, white substance began to come out from his penis. After he finished, he gave her N10. “The second time was in the afternoon, I was in the passage alone, so, Joseph started calling me to come in a very subtle voice, I thought he wanted me to run some errands for him, so, I went inside his room and he did the same thing to me. After he finished, he gave me two slices of bread.”

The mother of the victim, Mrs. Nene is however accusing the police of complicity in the case. She said, “The police took my daughter to a private hospital in AliBaba, Isashi, where a test was conducted and it was discovered that she has been sexually abused recently. After attempts to persuade me to settle the case failed, the police officer incharge of the case said that if I want the case to be charged to the court, I should be ready to pay money for transportation to Badagry Magistrate’s court. “On Wednesday afternoon, the police officer in-charge of the case hurriedly took us to Badagry Magistrate’s court after he heard that human rights were interested in the case. Unfortunately, we got there late and the case could not be heard because the court didn’t sit, so they referred us to Ojo Magistrate’s court. I don’t understand how the police is handling the case anymore as the IPO said I won’t be going to the court with my daughter. Since the incident, several of Joseph relatives, including an Anglican Reverend have been calling, asking us to name our price that they would pay anything for the case not to go to court. Joseph, who was initially denying the allegation that he didn’t do it, later started begging me to forgive him and that I should withdraw the case”

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