Remember The blockbuster 1990s movie, “Glamour Girls”?. Let’s Look at the top actresses that featured in that movie, what they are up to now and what they look like now.

The film was a hit, romantic, and hot as at then. I remember a woman that visited us then, shouted when it got to the scene where Zack Orji was bathing with Eucharia Anunobi and …. The woman sent us out grin

My favorite scene was the part where an Alhaji lured a UNILAG runs girl to the hotel for sex in exchange for money. He brought out big python. The python was to make love to the girl and the python entered inside the girl via her private part. The girl later died when she got to the campus.

“Glamour Girls” featured Liz Benson, Gloria Anozie, Jenifer Okere, Barbara Odoh, Ngozi Ezeonu, Eucharia Anunobi, Tina Amuziam, Zack Orji, Pat Attah and Sola Fosudo.

Where are those “Glamour Girls” now?

Gloria Anozie: Gloria Anozie-Young played the role of Doris. It was a lead role, she was mean, beautiful and quite curvy. Her role interpretation was superb. Gloria was still active in the industry few years after “Glamour Girls”. She got married to actor Nobert Young. The actor actually dumped actress Uche Jombo to marry her. She is blessed with a daughter. Gloria’s appearances in movies drastically reduced. She now does more of TV soaps.

Liz Benson: The screen goddess acted alongside Sola Fosudo. She delivered her role excellently. Liz Benson featured in several films after the production. She later became an evangelist, stopped acting, got re-married to a pastor, Bishop Ameye who is based in Warri (Note, She lost her first husband earlier). The mother of 3 later came back to acting few years back and has been active since her return.

BarbaraBarbara Odoh Her role was remarkable. “Pay me my money!” A man gave her a lift. She alighted from the car and held the man, told him to pay her for overnight sex. The man was shocked. People gathered. They told the man to pay for the sexual services the young lady offered. The embarrassed man had to give her money to get out grin

Barbara Odoh married twice and her two marriages crashed. The mother of two hasn’t given up on marriage. She is now an evangelist, motivational speaker and social crusader.


Ngozi Ezeonu The pretty light-skinned actress was among the girls that made the movie happen. The mother of 3 is still very much active in Nollywood. She never took a break & never went into oblivion like some of her contemporaries did.

Eucharia Anunobi Eucharia was daring!! she snatched her girlfriend’s husband, Zack Orji. She delivered her erotic scenes perfectly that you would think Zack Orji was finge… her really in the bathtub grin Eucharia became an instant star with that her role. She was later dubbed “The Sharon Stone of Nollywood”. She featured in so many movies after that. Though now an Evangelist and acts less these days, Apostle Eucharia Anunobi is now winning souls for Christ. Praise the Lord somebody… She still acts once in a while.

Jenifer Okere Jenifer was a star actress in the 90s. Her first role was Chinyere, where she was married to Andy in “Living In Bondage”,.
Jenifer had a lover boy in Glamour Girls, in the person of Pat Attah. Doris and her other friends warned her about him but she ignored and went ahead to marry him. The Lover boy took her money and relocated abroad. She started hustling all over again, and even had to go to Italy for prostitution.

After the movie, Jenifer Okere later got married to actor Emeka Ossai. She did lots of other popular movies. Jenifer died in 1999. Her death was the first to shake Nollywood.

Tina Amuziam: Tina was betrayed by her girlfriend, Eucharia and husband, Zack in the movie. She hustled in Italy as a sex worker., slept with a dog. Her husband encouraged her to sleep with dogs for money. She gave the husband money to build house in Nigeria and invest. Her husband did as was agreed, but got her wife’s girlfriend as lover and impregnated her. She came back and shot both her husband and friend.

I don’t really know what Tina Amuziam is up to now. But here are her recent pics.

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