One of the members of the House of Representatives accused of illegally soliciting for prostitutes, alongside two other lawmakers while in the United States, has written to the US ambassador in Nigeria, James Entwistle, and threatened to seek legal redress in competent courts of law both in Nigeria and the US. He is Hon Ikon.

Reps-sex scandal

He issued the threat in a letter addressed to the ambassador, explaining that he was ill during the trip and could not have had sex due to ill-health.

He said he would have no other option but to go to court, if the ambassador failed to clear his name of the allegation, saying also that he was ill at the time of the purported incident and couldn’t have had sex in that condition.

Entwistle had on June 9, 2016, written to the speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, alleging that three members of the House, including Samuel Ikon, Mohammed Gololo and Mike Gbillah, requested hotel parking lot attendants to help them solicit for prostitutes during their leadership training in America.

But Ikon said the  allegation was not only false, but also in bad taste, adding that he was diagnosed of Malaria and Typhoid before the trip and was on medication throughout the trip.

He said he only got a bit stable in Cleveland when the medication began to kick in..

The lawmaker, represents Etinan/Nsit Ibom/Nsit Ubium Constituency of Akwa Ibom, said he was also on medication to reduce his PSA level which tests in February this year, revealed a disturbing increase.

Consequently, he said the issue of sex was totally ruled out for him, in view of his health challenge.

Ikon urged the ambassador to review the case within seven days, after a more detailed look at the evidences available.

According to him, this will make him realise that a mistake had been made, so he can regain his integrity.

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