A member of the House of Representatives, from Benue State, Hon. Adamu Ochepo Entonu have been accused of fraud by a former member of the same House. In a petition written to the Police, copy of which was made available to our Reporter, one Hon. J. Idemeto, who is now a businessman claimed to have paid the total sum of 4.3million Naira to the Zenith Bank account of Hon. Ochepo Entonu at his behest and direction in order to secure a contract which ha since proved non-existing.

Hon. Idemeto who showed  various bank deductions and alerts indicating withdrawals from his account and payments into Entonu’s account wondered why the contract he paid for simply dveleoped wings. According to him, Hon. Entonu had told him some times in 2014 that he was married to the then Senate President, David Mark’s sister and that he, Entonu also doubled as Mark’s Special Adviser. He, there and then told Idemeto that a contract worth 7.6billion Naira was due for the Senate President at the Federal Ministry of Weeks and that the contract would be given out in Idemeto’s company name.

Since then, Idemeto claimed to have waited and up till now, no contract was made available to him after paying the money as agreed.

All efforts to get Hon. Adamu  Ochepo Entonu to answer questions based on transaction proved abortive.

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