nnannaCBN Deputy Governor, Dr Okwu Joseph Nnanna had had a career spanning over thirty years in the financial sector both in Nigeria and abroad though he has spent more time working with international financial agencies. When on 2nd March 2015, he was appointed as a Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, no one had any reason to doubt his capability.

Nnanna who was until his suspension in charge of Financial Stability and Surveillance was highly regarded as a thoroughbred professional who knew his onions. He was also said to have enjoyed good interpersonal relationship with virtually all those who worked in contact with him. Indeed, it was stated that he was one of the top shots staff loved to work with on account of his willingness to teach and listen to those who worked with him.

However, his warm disposition to the Governor seemed to have been exploited by scammers who allegedly sent a mail to him and also placed a call to ensure that he acted on the spam mail. According to our investigations, after sending the mail, they called him on his personal number which the Governor of the bank, Emefiele used to call him and they also called him the nickname which only Emefiele uses. Not just that, the scammers ensured that the voice on the other side, sounded like Eemfiele’s so that he would be doubly sure that it was the Governor he was chatting with.

This seemed to have confirmed the fact that it was Emefiele who sent the mail and based on both the voice consent and the email, he took action. Unknown to him, it was scammers at work. By the time he took action, it was too late and the bank had lost over Four Hundred Million Dollars to scammers.

Meanwhile, since the bubble burst, many of the staff have been praying for him that he comes out of it unscathed because he is perhaps the only Deputy Governor they love and they can open up to given his impeccable human relations.


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