* British-Australian sailor Lewis Bennett has pleaded guilty to killing his wife Isabella Hellman, 41, as they were on their honeymoon in May 2017.

* He’s accused of intentionally sinking the ship they were sailing on in Bahamas.

* Prosecutors have released photos of the ship’s opened escape hatches and the damaged hull that could have sunk it.

* FBI believe he intentionally killed her to inherit her estate.

* He was rescued by the Coast Guard on a liferaft with all his posessions.

* He claimed his wife went missing when the ship took on water

* He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in deal with prosecutors.

* Bennett’s sentencing is scheduled for Tuesday January 29 in Miami.

New photos reveal how a British sailor murdered his wife while on their honeymoon in the Caribbean by intentionally sinking the small ship they were on.

British-Australian man Lewis Bennett has pleaded guilty to killing his new wife Isabella Hellman, 41, at sea and prosecutors are now seeking a maximum sentence.

Prosecutors have released photos of the damage Bennett allegedly inflicted on the ship in an effort to sink it and make Hellman’s death look like a tragic accident.

The FBI have accused him of intentionally sinking the ship in a bid to inherit his wife’s estate.

The horrific plot unfolded on May 15, 2017 when Bennett allegedly opened escape hatches and damaged the twin hulls of a catamaran he and Hellman were travelling on during their honeymoon.

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