A 26-year-old salesman, Mr. Opeyemi Ajiboye, has been arrested by policemen attached to Area ‘J’ Command, Ajah, Lagos, for allegedly defrauding and converting N20 million worth of goods from his employer, Mrs. Agboola Adeboye.

The suspect is being detained at the Area ‘J’ Command Headquarters. The Area Commander is Assistant Commissioner of Police (ASP) Kayode Samuel. Ajiboye was employed in March as a salesman at Moral Unique Enterprise, and was placed on a salary of N50,000 per month.

His duty includes representing the company at the Ajah outlet and distributing cement to customers who had paid for their allocations. Prior to his arrest, it was alleged that some customers who had paid for their allocations were not supplied the product. The aggrieved customers bombarded Adeboye for the supply of their consignments. It was, however, discovered upon reconciliation of account that Ajiboye had allegedly converted about N20 million worth of cement.

According to the police, upon investigation, it was discovered that the man had, within a period of six months, bought additional two trucks, to the two which he had before.

Within the period also, Ajiboye reportedly bought three cars and built a house. All the vehicles are now at the command. Police said it was a case of criminal conversion and stealing of about N20 million. “He was employed to represent the company at their Ajah outlet and given allocation to supply cement to customers. It was observed that he would pay some money into his accounts in two banks.

He would also pay some amount of money into his madam’s account. “When she gets alerts, she would give order for supply but Ajiboye would convert the product to some customers while withholding that of others. When customers started disturbing her that they had paid yet were not supplied, the woman called Ajiboye for account reconciliation. It was on that ground the fraud was discovered,” a top police officer told our correspondent.

But in his defence, Ajiboye told our correspondent that Adeboye’s friend begged him to work with the woman because she discovered he had many customers and had been in the business for a while. Ajiboye said the shortages discovered were caused by customers who wanted to get more than what they paid for. He said: “I have been in this business for some time. I bought my two trucks before joining her.

I use the trucks for transporting cement to customers. I have been making money and I started building my house before joining her. I have savings and do contributions. “She only deceived me to get me arrested. She told me she had asked the customers to write statements on how they were going to refund the money. We agreed we were going to Lekki, on reaching there she started beating me and tore my clothes. The next thing, I saw policemen who came to arrest me.”

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