See How a lady Vomited Three Safety Pins at Graham Jacobs’ Deliverance Programme…

It was a normal worship setting. Worship songs were going on while some were busy praising God others, with their eyes closed, were lost in appreciation of His faithfulness. All of a sudden the Evangelist who is the presiding Cleric at the Ruach Gospel Centre weekly programme, Graham CN Jacobs announced that a lady was there who had taken poison and that the poison would come out right there.

Graham1 Woman Vomiting Pin

As the worshippers chorused Amen, lo and behold a lady who was seated far from the altar started vomiting. The attention of everyone was focus on the vomit nauseating as it was. It was as if they knew something was about to happen and it surely did. Something shining was noticed in the vomit. Then a stick was used to prod it. It was a safety pin. The people could not believe what they saw.
The lady continued to vomit until again another pin came out and then another. Curiously, she wasn’t even conscious of what was coming out of her as her eyes seems closed all through. It was unprecedented.

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