The first leader to meet President Donald Trump will be Prime Minister Theresa May

– The White House has revealed that she will be in washington DC on Friday, January 27

– The talks between them might likely include a post-Brexit free trade deal
Theresa MayPrime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May will be the first foreign leader to meet US President Donald Trump in Washington DC on Friday, January 27.

According to BBC, the White House has revealed that Mrs May will be visiting and there are speculations that a post-Brexit free trade deal will likely be one of the first topics she will discuss with him.

Sean Spicer the press secretary to the President gave details of Mrs May’s visit in his first briefing to journalists at the White House on Saturday, January 21.

While visiting the CIA headquarters, President Trump confirmed the meeting himself saying: “The PM is coming over to our country very shortly.”

Other topics likely to be discussed include: Nato, the European Union, defence and relations with Russia.

Mrs May, in a statement issued after the inauguration, said: “From our conversations to date, I know we are both committed to advancing the special relationship between our two countries and working together for the prosperity and security of people on both sides of the Atlantic.

“I look forward to discussing these issues and more when we meet in Washington.”

The Prime minister has also promised to hold “very frank” discussions with Mr Trump.

She reportedly told the Financial Times that she believed that Trump recognized the importance and significance of Nato and the “importance of the co-operation we have in Europe to ensure our collective defence and collective security”.

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