The roads in these 5 Nigerian states have claimed more lives than those in other states

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Thousands of Nigerians have lost their lives tragically to road accidents. Although no one os proud of these incidents, it is important to analyse things and reiterate on how to make life better for those fortunate enough to be alive.

Some Nigerian states have roads that have claimed the lives of thousands.

The report released by Economic Confidential revealed that about 79,875 cases of road accidents have been reported in Nigeria within three years. This is a devastating record as one cannot help but wonder the thousands of lives that must have been lost in these accidents.

Between 2013 and 2015, certain analysis was done to see what roads in the various states in Nigeria have claimed the lives of people.

Of the total amount of road accidents recorded, some were tagged fatal, serious and minor. While one can never be sure of the accidents that may end up being fatal, serious or minor, it is important to be cautious and know the roads that are not so good.

Check below the states whose roads have received a lot of attention when it comes to accidents within the last three years:

1. Ogun state

This is the state with the highest number of road accidents. The number of accident cases recorded against this state is 6422.

2. Lagos state

Following Ogun state closely with the accident cases recorded is the state of excellence. The accident cases recorded in this state is 6231.

3. Kano state

Kano comes next with 4869 cases reported within the next three years.

4. FCT

Abuja is ranked number four on the list of the states whose roads have claimed thousands of lives in Nigerian.

5. Edo state

Edo has a total number of 3499 cases of road accident set across its name. The state with the least number of road accident recorded is Jigawa with 725 cases recorded.

The table below shows the yearly analysis made for the recorded cases or road accidents:

Tabular representation showing the number of accident cases for year 2014 and 2015.

In year 2013, 5,539 persons lost their lives to road accidents, 4,430 died in year 2014 on the same cause while year 2015 claimed the lives of 5042. The table below shows the number of people killed in the road accidents.

Tabular representation showing the number of people killed and injured for the set years.

Although the effort of the police and Federal Road Safety Corps officials cannot be underestimated, recklessness on the part of the drivers also contribute to the total number of accident cases recorded.

Inexperience and mechanical fault accounted for 21.5 percent of the cases while the bad roads and technical problems on the road amount for 21.1 percent of the accident cases.


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