“Nigerians, this is what the government is giving the children and they are shouting out loud that they are giving pupils food.

See a N50naira bread that is being cut into four pieces for four pupils, one each. And the funniest thing is, this bread you are looking at, the food seller will go to the school board to collect the bread while she prepares the stew. And she will bring the bread and cut into four for each pupil. Now that is the bread, let’s look at the stew that they are putting unto it.

“They cannot even prepare egg or to talk of fish stew. See what they are preparing, madam, open it let’s see. That is the soup that they prepared. Can you see? So, madam, put example of what you are going to give a child. Let me see the way you are going to serve it.

Okay, can you see? Is this enough to feed a child for a day? And the government will be shouting that they are giving pupils food. Nigerians, it is time to raise this out. Let’s join hands together to make this country great. This should not be, this is a poison to our children.

It is better for them not to give than to be serving the children this kind of food. Nigeria, let’s shout it out, thank you all.” Watch the video and check out reactions below; Read more:

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