Weststar Associates, Authorized General Distributors of Mercedes-Benz in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on 22nd February 2017 unveiled some of their latest products and boy, they are really very cool cars ranging from the new E-Class Saloon car, the new V-Class MPV, the new GLE Coupe and the all new GLC Crossover.

Getting to their showroom, it was a very warm ambience that welcomed us especially accentuated by the cars sitting all wrapped up under very opaque car covers that did not give away what was covered.

Another colleague and i had a guessing game with a staff of the Weststar to identify the covered cars but we didn’t win the game because the silhouette of the covered cars really looked different from what most of us expected. This is a good pointer as it shows that a lot of work really went into creating these masterpiece of excellent motoring crafts.

After a welcome address by Mr Mirko Plath, Managing Director of Weststar Associates, Mr Donald Nwankwo, the Manager; Sales & Marketing did a general introduction to the different models to be unveiled.

First to get unwrapped was the The E-Class, followed by the GLC, then the V-Class and finally the GLE Coupe.

It was an elated Mirko that reiterated that Mercedes benz is back as the #1 maker of luxury cars in the world and judging from the aesthetics, features and quality of materials especially their fit and finishing of the cars launched, one can confidently take his words to the bank. Yes, the three pointed star brand is back to rule, something in its genetics.

All segments are well taken care of in the Mercedes Benz line-up especially as represented by the 4 models just unveiled.

If you need a saloon car, you have the E-Class. If your need is a crossover, a vehicle that will give you great car-like drive with a cool ground clearance better than you will find with most saloon cars, look no further than the GLC. This car is actually the replacement for the GLK which was discontinued in 2015. If you need mobility that can move you around with your family and friends for pleasure or with your colleagues and business associates for business, then the V-Class is the perfect one. And if you have taste for an SUV that gives you a combination of strength, presence and splendour, the GLE Coupe will be just the one for you, as it is aptly described by Benz as ‘the one family member that breaks the mould’.

These cars are all leaders in their respective segments and a lot of efforts were put into creating them because as being Benz products, a lot is expected of them. And they really look good.

From the point of purchase, through out your period of ownership, be rest assured that it will be a perfect relationship between you and the machine on one hand and you and the Weststar/Mercedes Benz family, backed by their great aftersales services.

In responding to one important question thrown at them about seamless usage of these high-tech cars, they responded that they usually properly introduce their clients and their drivers to the proper usage of these cars for a seamless ownership/usage.

In more posts to come, i will individually write about these cars unveiled to the Nigerian motoring press corps so do stay tuned because the ‘dish is so hot, it’s hotter than fire’.

Picture 1: The new E-Class.
Picture 2: The new GLC.
Picture 3: The new V-Class.
Picture 4: The new GLE Coupe.

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